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How to Use the Calendly Browser Extension

In this blog, I’ll go over the top twenty desirable Google Chrome extensions for organizing meetings, reserving the time needed for tasks that are coming up, as well as with Google Calendar to make the desirable utilization of your precious time.

Time management that is effective and protective calendaring is essential for working better, not more, as you’ll have to be aware of your priorities to attain all you need to do.

If you’re on a hectic calendar, you’re either an expert Google or Apple Calendar user.

How to Schedule Multiple Meetings in Calendly

Calendly offers a variety of features to schedule meetings for different participants at once. Let’s explore the many possibilities.

Round Robin Event

Organize the Round Robin event so the guests can schedule their time slot with anyone they wish from the group. It is possible to allocate the events according to the sequence of importance or by group member allocation. This is the case for team members.

On the Calendly homepage, click + New Event and select the appropriate type.

Choose the Round Robin form for the event.

Names of other hosts as well as email addresses.

Please help by providing the name of the event and the time.

After that, you can set up the host’s locations.

The drop-down menu will let you select Continue from the drop-down menu to push on in this configuration.

Calendly Delivers New Web Browser Extension to Enhance Meeting Workflows

“Our advisors use Calendly Contacts to quickly see a client’s meeting history with our team without having to ask questions about the previously discussed conversation topics or next steps,” stated Asiya Khan, the Manager for Branch and Business Practices at CI Assante Wealth Management. “It’s a better experience saving everyone time by scheduling follow-up meetings on the spot.”

“In today’s digital workplace, users want their favourite apps integrated across all of their workflows,” added Calendly chief product officer Stephen Hsu. “Our latest web browser extension allows Calendly users to plan the handover and schedule and advance a meeting through the websites and apps they’re currently using. Our scheduling solutions are incorporated into all their customer-facing workflows, which reduces the need for detailed clicks and back-and-forth among platforms.”

Today’s announcement follows Calendly’s recent announcement about Calendly Routing, which includes an automatic HubSpot account matchup for marketing and sales teams. When a client fills out an online “Contact Us” form, Calendly will automatically search for their HubSpot CRM contact information and display the page for booking their chosen account rep, freeing the revenue team from expensive, delayed, and manual assignments.

Calendly Launches New Tool to Simplify Meeting Scheduling for Small Businesses

The extension is compatible with Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers. It is also available as an add-on to Outlook. This extension comes with various features to increase meeting management.

Centralized meeting view: Members can view all meetings in one location, making it much easier to decide if they want to join, cancel or change the meeting date.

The ability to access contact information and the history of meetings: Before when a meeting begins, attendees can check the attendees and prior interactions.

Users can schedule meetings with other people. Users can schedule meetings for group members, improving cooperation.

Calendly plans to include new features very soon, like the opportunity to prioritize more crucial appointments by booking them before those less important ones.

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