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How to Use the Reveal Feature in Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories has become a very popular method for users to share behind-the-scenes or sneak peeks into exclusive material with their fans. One of the most recent additions to Instagram Stories is the “Reveal” feature, which allows users to create exciting and interactive material. In this post, we’ll explore the accurate way you can use the Reveal feature on Instagram Stories.

Through this piece in this article, we’ll discuss how you can create these fascinating storylines step-by-step, look for creative methods to make them more engaging and provide suggestions for resolving any issues that might arise. Now is the time to convince your audience to keep coming back to see more of your work as you learn how to create compelling Instagram Stories with Tap to Discover.

What is the Reveal Feature?

The Reveal feature can be described as an interactive device that lets users create hidden images or text that are displayed when the person viewing swipes up. This tool is ideal for creating tension, surprise, and even gaming experiences for your fans.

How to Add a Story Using the Reveal Feature in Instagram Stories

The Reveal feature on Instagram Stories is an excellent method to bring your fans closer to the brand you represent. Additionally, it could spark a conversation between you and your pal and gain more likes and views on the stories.

The Instagram platform ensures you don’t need to go through each DM to display your account. Here’s how to use it

Visit Instagram and swipe to create a story.

Choose the image you wish to conceal in the Reveal feature.

Select the smile symbol (sticker icon) within the upper menu to open the sticker.

You can add the Reveal sticker to your design by pressing it.

Write your message or reveal what you’d like to publish on Instagram. Instagram story.

This is the sole that your followers will ever see.

Tap Done and then upload it.

How To Remove Tap Or Shake To Reveal Effect From Instagram Story

To remove this Tap and Shake effect of your Instagram post, You can take these steps:

You can open your Instagram story by tapping your profile image to see your latest story.

Look for the frame using this effect: Locate the scene frame with The Tap or Shake to Reveal the impact.

Please get rid of the frame sticker. Click on the frame sticker and select it. Click the trash icon or choose the delete feature to remove the sticker from your frame.

Re-share the story with no effects: After the frame sticker has been removed, the story can no longer use the tap or shake to reveal effect. It is then possible to share your story but without the benefit of pressing Send and choosing Your Story.


The Reveal feature of Instagram Stories is an enjoyable and engaging tool that will benefit the creation of captivating and exciting material. Following these instructions, you can utilize Reveal to create engaging and suspenseful material. Reveal features to boost the quality of your Instagram Stories to the next step. Therefore, give this feature a shot, and you will see the participation and engagement of your users rise!

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