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if i stop sharing my location will they know

There are various reasons people communicate the location of their iPhones with their close friends and family members, so they can be aware of where they are. This is beneficial in many ways; for instance, your family members can contact you in the event of an emergency or find your iPhone whereabouts. If you’re meeting with your friends, they will be able to determine your location since you share it.

But, sharing a location could be a violation of your privacy of your personal. You might not want your family, friends, or relatives to know where you’re planning to meet for a private event. But, you don’t want to cause harm to your family and friends of yours by letting them know you will no longer share places with them. This article discusses how you can end up sharing locations on iPhones without their knowledge.

Do You Want to Stop Sharing Your Location Without People Being able to Tell?

The answer is yes. There are many methods to block sharing your location. Some options include switching off “Find My iPhone,” deactivating “Share My Location,” or selecting another Apple device to track your location.

If these features are turned off, the public won’t be able to keep track of your current location. All of them can’t send notifications to anyone. But, with certain strategies that you use, your friends will not be able to see your name on their friend list for a while. In addition, if you activate the sharing feature with them, they’ll receive an email.

Utilize a Different iOS Device to stop Sharing Locations without Notifying

It is possible to turn off the location sharing feature on an iPhone by using an iOS device that isn’t in motion. You may only achieve this if you are using the identical Apple ID for two iOS gadgets.

To block sharing of your location to iPhone gadgets, you must first change the settings for location sharing for the iOS device.

Start the Settings menu on the second iOS device.
Tap your name at the top.
Select “Find Me.”
Choose “Use This iPhone as My Location” from the drop-down menu.
After that, turn on the location services on the original iPhone, And no one will be notified.

Select Airplane Mode.

If you do not wish for your iPhone to be connected to other devices in the vicinity or receive calls during busy times, activating Airplane mode will favor you. Airplane mode is an inbuilt function that every mobile phone is equipped with nowadays. These are the methods we’ll talk about to activate Airplane mode.

Switch on Airplane Mode from Home and Lock Screen

Drag it down from the upper right-hand corner. Or scroll upwards to the bottom of the screen.
Click on the Airplane button.
Switch on Airplane Mode by going to Settings

Navigate to Settings > Airplane Mode.

By turning off “Share My Location.”

If you wish to block sharing information about your iPhone without letting anyone know, use these steps.

Tap Settings.
Tap “Privacy.”
Click “Location Services.”
Click “Share My Location.”
Switch off “Share My Location.”

How will they know if I do not share my location with them?

Because of privacy concerns, Most apps won’t notify the other user if you cease posting your address. This means that you won’t have to worry about other people being able to find out where you are.

If people look through the apps to find your phone’s location, they may find that you’ve not shared your location anymore.

You could observe, for instance, the “[User] has stopped sharing location with you” status on Google Maps. In addition, when you’re using Snapchat Map, you’ll observe that people who have quit sharing their location are shown an icon that looks like a ghost.

How Do You Recreate the location of your iOS Device?

It is possible to fake where you are on your iOS device, and it’s pretty easy. This can be done with any difficulty. There are two methods to accomplish this. You can use a different iPhone to create a fake location. We’ve discussed the step-by-step method. You’ll need an additional device to be able to utilize this method. Your position will be fixed when your device isn’t moving. Another way to accomplish this is using EasyGo, an excellent application. You can turn off Find My Friends without being aware and cover up your location and movement.

Can you track a Family member’s phone?

You can track the family member’s phone with family members’ phones using the Find My app. Suppose you’re not an iPhone user and would like to monitor the location of an iPhone or any other cross-platform tracking device. In that case, you can monitor the family member’s phone using the Family Orbit.

The Final

If you’re thinking about why iMessage tells you that you’ve stopped sharing your location with this person, but you’re sure it wasn’t you who did it, you’ve likely let your location be shared up to the close of the day.

Another scenario is when you’ve disabled it in Find My or shut off your location services. In rare instances, the possibility is that you’ve removed sharing your location information with them on iMessage and have forgotten.

If you’ve not completed any of these, you’re sure there’s an issue with your iPhone or iMessage causing the issue.

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