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iMessage Activation Error : Unable to Contact the iMessage Server

Apple Community is flooded with complaints from iOS users about iMessage activation errors after iOS 15 updates. Although iOS 15 has been installed successfully on iPhone 13 Pro Max by many users, they still have problems activating iMessage. iPhone 12 Pro Max/11/ XR/11 Pro Max/ XS Max/X/8 Plus/7 Plus/6S Plus and iOS 15 Compatible Devices.

You can fix iMessage problems with iOS 15 and its unique features. To improve “iMessage waiting on activation,” you can check the iMessage with some indicators. iPhone shows a small blue bubble if iMessage is sending the message. A green dot will appear if not. Message App saying “Not Received” and “Force iMessage sent as text Message.”

What can cause iMessage activation problems?

When an iMessage activate error occurs, you can typically only send and receive standard text messages. (They’ll show a green bubble instead of the blue iMessage message bubble.)

When you have an iMessage activated error, it’s common to see the following:

It is impossible to send or receive any text messages
Although you can receive and send messages, your blue text boxes are invisible.
iMessage states that messages were not delivered
As it’s difficult to spot an error before you fix it, the following tips should have you bubbling again.


Apple Server Status

It is essential to confirm that the Apple servers are working correctly if the error messages “Activation not successful” and “Unable to reach the iMessage service” appear when you try to activate iMessage on an iPhone or Mac.

For this, go to the Apple System Stats page and look for iCloud Account & Signin, iMessage, or FaceTime. If there are any issues, you should wait until Apple has resolved them. Most of the time, this should take place within hours.

Restart iPhone/Mac

Restarting your iPhone and Mac may be enough to fix activation problems with iMessage or FaceTime. Make sure you disable iMessage or FaceTime on your iPhone before resuming it.

Turn on/off Airplane mode

The activation problem could be an insignificant glitch. Airplane Mode can be used to troubleshoot your issue before going further.

Updating your iPhone

Apple updates iOS regularly to address bugs, solve existing problems, and bring new features. If iMessage doesn’t work on your iPhone due to a bug, you must update from Settings -General -Software Update.

Install iMessage on your iPhone.

Apps that work with iMessage and can be downloaded from the Appstore for iMessage. Here’s how:

The App Store is available by tapping the Store icon.
Install an app by clicking on the icon or price next to it. You may need to input your Apple ID to complete the payment.
You can return to your original message by tapping the gray bar or the Close icon.
The app will be in the Apps folder after it has been downloaded.

Apps that allow for direct purchases are available. If you have Family Sharing enabled, you can manage both in-app downloads and purchases using Ask To Buy.

iMessage has been working flawlessly for a while now.

The above suggestions have resolved your problem. You can contact Apple Support if this error persists. Calling, Twitter, or chat are all ways to reach Apple Support. Apple’s Support app is also available. All carriers offer official apps for contacting them.

Time the clock correctly

Apple expects your time and activation servers to match when you try to log in to iMessage, FaceTime, or other Apple services. Set your time and date automatically in Settings > General > Time & Date for a solution. The time zone should also be correct.

Why does my iMessage app not work?

FaceTime, iMessage, or SMS must be active on your Apple system. iMessage and FaceTime can be activated up to 24 hours after purchase.

My iPhone shows iMessage as not activated.

It could be a technical glitch. You can disable iMessage and FaceTime, restart your iPhone, and re-enable them.

Why doesn’t iMessage work anymore?

In case the iMessage activated fails, please get in touch with your cellular network provider. You can restore the iPhone by using an old backup, or you can factory reset your iPhone. Apple Support is the next step if everything else fails.

Before you begin Fixing the iOS Error of Waiting For Activation, you need to know.

Please read this list before you start to solve the problem.

You can check your phone number by visiting your contacts and looking at the top. In this case, you must add your mobile number by clicking Settings > Phone and My Number.
Make sure your mobile network is up and running.
Ascertain that Date and Time are correct. Set “Set Automatically” if not. The time zone must also be correct.
The International message sent to some users automatically activates iMessage.
iMessage sometimes takes 24 hours to become active. Please be patient.

Your Messages All in One Place

iMessage’s single chat application may have all the features you need, but it is not the end-all-be-all. Your conversations can be scattered across other apps and social media. This is why you’ll need IM+.

IM+ Mac combines the best of 15 popular chat programs into a single, desktop-friendly program. IM+ supports Slack. Google Hangouts. Twitter. LinkedIn. Facebook Messenger. Skype. WhatsApp. IM+ allows you to assign each service a color tab and switch quickly between them using the hotkeys.

One-word summary:

If you still have problems after using all these methods, please give the activation procedure 24 hours. According to some users, iMessage activation can sometimes take 24 to 48 hours.

You can contact your mobile carrier to let them know the details of the problem and how you resolved it.

Also, you should know that you can perform a “factory reset.” Restoring your phone to a previous backup or doing a reset factory can solve almost all software problems.

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