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How to pin a comment on instagram?

Instagram is rolling out its feature of pinned comments that let users add at least three words at the top of their posts. With this feature, Instagram believes that it will assist users in controlling the tone of comments to posts, and simultaneously it will moderate harmful or abusive comments.
Pining a comment under the caption of one of your Instagram posts is an effective way to showcase your followers’ reactions to your posts or to promote specific details. This is how you can do it.

Although apps such as TikTok are becoming more popular daily, the photo-sharing application Instagram remains a constant fixture in the social media schedule, serving as a perfect platform for friends to share a snapshot of their lives and influential personalities to stay their followers current.

Of course, the social component is an integral part of the app. it’s not uncommon for comments on a range of accounts to be filled with messages from fans who creators can interact with.

What’s the definition of an Instagram comment?

An Instagram Comment is a type of response that users may leave in response to an image, video, or Reel post. As opposed to direct messages (which are sent to the user’s inbox and are only accessible to the person who posted them), Instagram comments are public. So keep this in mind when leaving one.

To post a comment, tap to leave a comment, and tap the icon for speech bubbles which you’ll locate on the left side of a picture or video and the lower left part of the Reel.

What is the best way to pin comments to Instagram?

Instagram now allows users to pin remarks to their feeds for comments for any post they publish. Pining a message to your blog is very simple.

To begin, locate the comment you want to pin on the top. It could be a humorous comment on your post, a message that provides more details, or any other type of comment.

If you spot the comment, You can swipe from left to right over the word. There are four icons to interact with the statement, including one to reply with a report, another to delete it, and one to save the comment. The icon for pinning the word appears to be the shape of a small pushpin.

It is possible to pin three or more comments per of your posts. You can unpin comments when you decide to change your mind.

Do you want to pin your comments to Instagram?

There are some restrictions to Instagram’s pin comments feature. Users aren’t able to attach their comments to their posts. This contrasts with other platforms that provide an option to pin comments, such as TikTok or YouTube.

In TikTok and YouTube, the pinned comments of the creator of the original video are typically an opportunity for users to communicate in a more personal way or offer replies to users or provide clarification after the video has been uploaded.

On Instagram, however, this feature was introduced to combat cyber-bullying. It gives users the ability to highlight more positive comments to counteract the negative, which can be a source of tension within the comment section. If you’d like to engage via your words, You’re given the option of responding or removing them.

Can you Mass Delete comments on Instagram?

Instagram lets users delete comments in bulk to stop online abuse and allow content creators to have greater control over their content. Here’s how to accomplish it.

Click on the comment box of the blog post you’d like to remove the comment.
Make sure to click on three dots in your screen’s upper right corner.
Choose “Manage Comments” from the drop-down menu that pops up.
You can remove as many as 25 of the comments you have at one time. You can also block users who made comments. Keep in mind that the action can’t be reversed once you’ve done it.
This concludes “how to Pin a comment on Instagram.” You can pin up to three comments, and Instagram people who see your pin will know that you’ve pinned their remarks.

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