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Land O Lakes High School

Canterbury is much more than a school. It’s a community in which academic success is a prerequisite for being a person of character. It’s where students are taught how to become the best person they can be and responsible stewards of the world. The family is committed to developing innovative leaders, awe-inspiring thinkers, and kind citizens.

We look forward to demonstrating our method to accomplish that, and the most important thing is to introduce you to our students, which will provide an insight into the essence of our school.

Overview of Land O’ Lakes High School

Land O Lakes High School is 85th in Florida. Students can take advanced Placement(r) courses and examinations. It is estimated that the AP(r) enrollment rate for Land O Lakes High School is at the 61st percentile, which is percent. The overall minority student enrollment rate stands at 40%, and 23 percent of students are economically marginalized—Land O Lakes High School is one of the 24 high schools in the Pasco County School District.

Land O’ Lakes High School 2022 Rankings

Land O Lakes High School has been ranked at number 1,380 on the National Rankings. Schools are judged based on their performance in the state-required tests and graduation rates and how their students are prepared for university. Please find out more about our methodology for ranking the Best High Schools.

Student Progress

The students attending this college are recording progress in their academics, considering where they were last year, compared to similar students from the state.

Achieving average progress and good test scores suggests that students are proficient in academics and students at this school study at the same speed as students from other schools.


The construction of Land O’ Lakes High School was started in. 4 Leroy McClain was named principal and began to hire staff. Due to the critical overcrowding in the county as a result of the increase in population that occurred in the area, classes were conducted during a double session at the nearby Sanders Memorial elementary school while it was constructed. 4. When the school was finally completed in 2000, it could accommodate 1400 students in classes 7-12. Four years after, Pine View Middle School was built to house grades 6-8.

From 2003 until 2007, the Land lakes operated with a bell schedule of 10 minutes to help ease crowds. Most first-year students attend classes from 10:25 am to 4:45 pm, and juniors, sophomores, and seniors attend classes from 7:35 am until 2 pm. The bell schedule was eliminated in 2007 when Sunlake High School opened. [4][5]

In 2008, the class was among the biggest ever at the school, with more than 600 students graduating.

Ric Mellin, the head of J.W. Mitchell High School, became Land o Lakes’ sixth school principal in March of 2009. He took over from Monica Ilse, named principal of the newly-opened Anclote High School, located in Holiday, Florida (opened in August 2009). [6]

In 2012 school held an event in support of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. The event attracted 15,000 people. [7]

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