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Land O Lakes Purine Feed

While we provide a wide assortment of ingredients and feed additives, Orffa strives to develop innovative products and concepts. As interpreted by our experts during conversations and meetings with our customers, the market’s needs are the driving force behind our product development.

The unique combination between Top Select with our specialty line Essentials and the brand-named product portfolio of ingredients Elovitals allows Orffa to design, select, and distribute feed additives that meet the client’s specific requirements.

Caring for Baby Chicks: What to Do Once They Arrive

Bringing home your baby chicks is an exciting moment in raising backyard chickens. The road to success starts on the first day. All it takes is the nutrition of your chicks and their care. The future chicks require 38 specific nutrients to develop into healthy, happy chickens. Every one of them plays a key role in the performance, growth, and overall happiness of the flock.

Greatness Delivered to Your Door

You’ve always been aware of what is best for your animals. We’ve just made it easier for you to access it. You are introducing the Purina Animal Nutrition online shop: Shop for the most well-loved Horse and Flock merchandise that includes treats and supplements delivered straight to your door. Check at your local dealer to get the widest choice of Purina products – and personal service and expertise.

Consistent Calves. Reliable Reputation. Purina(r) Plus.

Purina(r) Plus is one of the very first value-added national programs to provide a complete nutritional base, established health methods, and a progressive approach to management techniques to differentiate calves with high value in the marketplace. Created in partnership with top brands for animal health, This innovative program gives producers of cows and calves the ability to select strategies that are best for their particular operation.

Job seekers.

The food and agricultural industries are growing rapidly. The opportunities are also growing. With many jobs available in various locations, there’s a job for you.

Let’s collaborate.

We’re dedicated to making the world more sustainable. We are being cooperative means being an ethical partner and an excellent neighbor.

Do you have active hens? Then this NEW feed is designed for you!

Purina(r) Layena(r) high protein Layer Feed is a complete and balanced feed containing 19% protein that will help support your chickens’ active lifestyle and egg production. Each pellet is packed with insects like black soldier fly larvae, grains, and other protein sources, making it easy to feel confident knowing that your hens will experience the best food in each bite.

Land O’ Lakes to Shutter Purina Feed Mill in Iowa

Agribusiness and food firm Land O Lakes, Inc. is planning to shut down the Purina Animal Nutrition feed mill in Sheldon, IA, this summer which will affect an undetermined number of employees on the premises.

The operation is scheduled to cease at the plant on July 1, according to the company’s announcement to the news radio station KIWA. Purina brand products for feed will continue at three additional Land O’ Lakes-owned facilities in Iowa.

A recent email sent to the plant employees by Purina Animal Nutrition’s Regional Director Jim Jackson that reviewed reported that the closure was attributed to the changes in feed production and the capabilities within northwest Iowa. Land O’ Lakes plans to put the plant up for sale once manufacturing is completed, as reported by the news magazine.


Vermiculite is mined in a variety of countries around the globe, including South Africa, China, and Brazil.


It is then divided into grades before being transported to Dupre, where the rock and other impurities are taken out.


The granules of ore are removed using an oven heated to high temperatures before being further processed towards the intended application.

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