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Living Room Bay Window Ideas

If your living space has an open-air bay window is a sure bet you’ll need to take advantage of the beautiful architectural design! Here, we’ve collected 21 suggestions you’ll need to pay attention to when they pertain to the layout of furniture and accents that you can add to your decor, along with other ideas. Continue reading, and prepare to create the relaxing living room that you’ve always dreamed of.

1.Unlock It

Every extra square foot should be utilized. While bay windows can provide additional flooring space, keeping them wide is best. If you’ve got room, consider making sure your other furniture has breathing room and let the extra sunlight flow through the room.

If leaving everything open is excessive, consider bringing larger, more decorative pieces like this vase or a different sculptural item. If you need more clarification, it is always the perfect addition to windows with bays to enjoy the sunshine and ensure your living area feels ample and cozy.

2.Make the Most of What’s In There

A lot of times, the appearance of a bay window can be an architectural reference to an earlier time. Whether your room is decorated with Victorian characteristics or a modern, clean craftsman style, using the features you already have in your space is an excellent way to highlight the area’s distinctive character.

The blue velvet chairs and the dark curtains are a perfect match for the stunning stained-glass windows. Modern lines help to transition traditional details towards a contemporary style.

3.A twist on traditional

Incorporating the classic details of a bay window does not suggest that you must remain traditional. The gorgeous chaise is an excellent illustration of how to emphasize the uniqueness of a piece by placing the amount within the bay window. The traditional-looking chaise complements the details of the window, while the fun and vibrant style gives it an intriguing and distinctive modern look.

4.You can change your seating

The living spaces must accommodate various activities, so having multiple seating options is excellent. Making the most of a bay window like this boxy bay will allow you to utilize the space differently. A drop leaf table can be one of the most versatile options to enable you to make the most of your additional space. Take the table off and open the leaves to host an extravagant dinner or gaming night, or you can put it in a sunlit room to have a cup of morning coffee or do a little work.

5.Traditional Remix

The oversized bow windows that curve are ones with more panels, to the classic three-paneled bays provide more space but be challenging to decorate. Consider a custom-designed arrangement if you’re having difficulty finding the perfect seating layout on those curving walls.

The curving design of this built-in provides a sophisticated solution and a pleasant conversation area free of awkward gaps and strangely angled seating arrangements. Keeping the more intricate detail of the molding at the bottom of the bench also helps to seamlessly integrate it into the remainder of the room, creating a beautiful, seamless style.


Although a simple chaise or cozy loveseat works for most bay windows, a customized sofa is the best option for bay windows with more space. The custom bay window sofa made by Clad Home is a great way to maximize the area and accommodate stylish and comfy seating.

7.Make a Hammock

Do you want a different method of relaxing? If you’re going to do a DIY task, consider installing the hammock on your bay window to enjoy an incredible view of the outdoors. The stud finder and the proper hardware to hang hooks in the walls are required, along with a drill. The bay window is ideal for hanging a fabric suspended from the ceiling.

8.Bay window

If you take in the view rather than look inside your living space–and have enough room around your bay window, create a seating area with a picture of the outside. Two chairs with cushions or upholstered seats are ideal, and then, you could place a side table behind the chairs or a smaller table to the side of the chairs.

9.Purchase a Settee

Bay windows can be great for relaxing places; however, when you don’t have the money or wish to spend money on an individual built-in window seating area, Clarke suggests adding a couch. To perfectly match the curves of bay windows, she recommends seeking a curved seat settee that is bench-shaped.

10.Mix and Match Styles of Chairs

Furthermore, the chairs in front of the bay window can be different. Two different types of chairs look great together. The taller one gives an excellent extra height to the space.

11.Lara Kimmerer

To make the living area seem more open, consider moving a couch closer to the window bays rather than moving it around to the ceiling. This will create more space, also perfect for kids who love playing on carpets.

12.Lauren Pressey

Another bay window includes a bench built in. Again, the aspect that the court has storage beneath is efficient!

13.Include Homey-Y Accents

If you put tables on either side of the windows, you can add something unique to the table by adding small lamps, plants, or frames for pictures. Remember to add big comfortable furniture. The accents you choose will help make the space feel homey and warm.

14.The plant is in a basket.

We’ve already mentioned that bay windows make the ideal location to place your plants. Feel free to explore the possibilities with the arrangement shown here. An understanding of plants in a basket could not be more stylish! The choice of some or all of them is your choice.

15.Make Things Clear

If your bay window has a fantastic view, make sure to make the most of it by keeping the area comprehensive—light streams through this open living space, offering wonderful ocean views outside. Pets and people of all ages will be delighted to walk up to the windows to take in the stunning scenery.

Another method of arranging the plants is by putting your plants on a stand. Make your version of this using a pot you love on a stool.

16.Include to it a Loveseat.

In Clarke’s words, another way to make an area for sitting within your bay window suggests adding a giant or upholstered chair, shorter sofa, or loveseat to the side of it. Suppose the bay window does not include a sill. Try to place the couch just a few feet ahead of the window, with a console behind it. Also, you can put a side table or two near so guests can put down their drinks.

17.Bay window, with desk

Are you looking to enhance that bay window? Jenn Carter, the director and chief designer of Studio Envie, recommends individual Roman shades or window blinds that fold in folds upon raising to the window. “This will draw the eyes towards the bay window, enhancing the space,” she explains. “Roman shades can bring the eyes up and give it a higher feeling, more substantial.”


Lucy Askew, the spokesperson for an expert in interior design for homes Hillarys, claims that ‘Bay windows let in more sunlight into your home, and offer exterior views which you can’t have with ordinary windows.’ It is essential to select the right window treatments that will improve the function of the bay windows. For this reason, you should pick your light Rollers or sheer Pleated blinds. They provide a relaxing atmosphere by permitting sunlight to flow through your space.’

Outside-mounted window blinds are typically the ideal bay window option to maintain their neat lines.’ It suggests Stoneside.

Use on a Hammock

Are you looking for a fun option to unwind? If you’re looking to do a DIY idea, you can put up an outdoor hammock inside the bay window to get stunning views of the outdoors. It will require a stud finder, a drill, and other hardware to hang hooks in the walls. The bay window is ideal for hanging a hanger from the ceiling.

Install a window-facing Sitting Area.

If you’d instead take in the view rather than sit in your living space–and have enough room to surround the bay window, create a seating area that faces the outdoors. Two chairs that are cushioned or upholstered will do the trick. You can then put a table or a tiny table between them.

Purchase a Settee

Bay windows make great places to relax; however, when you don’t have the money or wish to spend money on the custom-built window seating area, Clarke suggests adding a sofa instead. For a perfect fit with the contours of bay windows, Clarke recommends obtaining an angled bench settee.

Another method to create an area for sitting inside your bay window, in the words of Clarke, Adds a big or upholstered chair, shorter sofa, or loveseat in front. If the bay window does not have a sill, consider setting the loveseat about a foot ahead of the window, with a console behind it. It is also possible to put a side table nearby so people can place their beverages.

Bay window, with desk

Are you looking to enhance the bay windows in your home? Jenn Carter, the principal and chief designer of Studio Envie, recommends individual Roman shades and window treatments that fold up to fold when lifted on each window. “This brings attention to the bay window and emphasizes the area,” she explains. “Roman shades additionally draw attention upwards to give it a more imposing and more pronounced feel.”

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