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Martha Stewart Cast iron Dutch Oven

When it comes to multi-purpose cookware is concerned the Dutch oven is perhaps the most versatile. The durable and sturdy essentials can be used for anything from making hearty stews and chilis to pasta to cooking large chunks of beef or bread for baking. Additionally, Dutch ovens are classic and look great sitting on the open shelves in your kitchen or on your stovetop when they’re not using them. Not to mention something is appealing about the cooking pot that is cylindrical with its lid that tells you, “I’m a grown up capable of cooking many delicious dishes.”

If you know that the Dutch oven is an essential item in your kitchen with plenty of storage space, buying one could be difficult. There is a myriad of materials options, including cast iron or enameled cast iron clay, or copper. Sizes vary between 1.5 15.5 quarts to 15.5 quarts. They’re made in various designs, with the most common being oval or round.

Perfect for baking casseroles and cooking meats and slow cooking your favorite meals, The 6-quart round Dutch Oven from Martha Stewart Collection can easily move across the kitchen from stove to dining table while providing long-lasting beauty thanks to the colors’ choice the exterior. The heavy enamel-on-cast iron construction evenly distributes heat while keeping moisture in.


Cast iron is the most suitable option – it is durable and strong. Unfortunately, cast iron that isn’t enameled requires the seasoning process. Cast iron that is named doesn’t need to be seasoned and is gorgeous; however, generally, it is more expensive. Cast aluminum is lighter and less expensive; however, it’s also less durable.

Thickness and Weight

The most flexible dutch ovens will feature the strongest, largest construction. Selecting lighter and less dense materials can affect heat retention and overall performance.


A good guideline for selecting the ideal size of dutch oven Add one quart of capacity for each family member, with an extra portion to store leftovers. Most dutch ovens range between 3-5 quarts. However, they can be smaller than 1/4 quart and sometimes larger than 9 quarts.

Handles and Lid

Choose handles that allow you to lift and safely move a large dutch oven. The lid should have a temperature-resistant knob for kitchen oven use and be tight-fitting for moisture retention.

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