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Are you interested in Max? From blockbuster shows and films to comedy specials, documentaries, and much more, the streaming big has enough to amuse the entire family. Read on to learn more about Max, including details on membership plan prices and how to sign up for a trial.

HBO Max is an on-demand streaming service for video that provides films, original series, and TV programs. However, many customers report needing help signing up for the service.

If HBO Max won’t let you connect to the service, a Max subscription could not cover the television, wireless, or internet plan. For confirmation, log into the official website for your service and verify that an HBO Max subscription comes with it. If Max is not part of your plan, head to the Max sign-up site and independently sign up for the service.

In this piece, we’ll go over the causes of why HBO Max won’t let you log in to the company and how to fix this issue with minimal effort.

What is Max? The streaming home of HBO

A change is on the way with the launch of Max. Max will be the new service that will replace HBO Max. It will offer legendary programming, including all HBO shows you love, such as Game of Thrones. The service will also host genres you’ve always wanted to see, including many of the most anticipated premiering shows. (So get ready to see several new favorites.) In essence, this is the show to be watching.

Here, you’ll find solutions to other Max questions, such as when Max is available and how it differs from HBO Max, price details, and much, muchmore. Imagine this as a handbook for all things Max.

How to sign in for the Max App on TV?

The same as HBO Max, the new Max application is now available on the app store for these TV devices as well as gaming consoles Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Cox Contour 2 and Contour Stream Player, LG Smart TV, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Roku, Samsung TV (2016 models and after) and VIZIO Smart TV (2016 models and up), Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, XClass TV, Xfinity X1 and Flex.

Use Android TV as an example. Initially, you’ll need to download the Max application on your television. Go to the Play Store on your Android TV, then search for Max. Select Max, then click Install. Once you have installed Max, you will be able to sign in using the Max application; you are able to select one of three options for sign-in:

Optional Scan QR Code

The QR code can be scanned on your television using the camera on your phone and logged in to your mobile. Here’s how:

Open the Max app on your television device and then choose Log In.
Keep your eyes on the QR code when reaching for your mobile or computer.
Try one of these:
Scanning the QR code on the TV using your phone’s camera.
For your computer or mobile phone, Go to Enter the 6-character sign-in code that you receive on your television. Does the code need to be fixed?
Then, using your phone or desktop computer, type in your HBO Max and HBO Max account email and Password. Next, select the option to Sign In.
Reconnect to your TV, select the show you want to watch, and then you’re set to stream.

on a Roku

Make sure you have the Max app On the RoKu. If it isn’t installed, you can install it on the store for the channel before proceeding.
Launch the app and select login.
Select Connect to your Provider.
Keep your eyes on the screen by using this 6-character number.
Navigate to on a phone or a computer and click Start Activation.
Input the 6-character code that is displayed on your television and press Next.
Select to view all providers.
Scroll to the right until you find University Video Services, and select University Video Services from the menu.
Click on Missouri State University in the next section.
You must enter the Missouri State Account ID as well as your Password.
If it is your first time using Max, you must sign up for an account. Make use of your Missouri State Account to accomplish this.
The next step is to confirm your email address. If you confirm that, you can stream Max.

How Do I Make Use of the HBO MAX Activation Code?

Start the HBO Max app on your mobile device, then select the sign-in button.

Following this, you’ll see a 6-digit number displayed on your screen. Keep the code in mind to be able to access it later.

Go to on your computer, Mac, or mobile phone.

Enter the HBO max activation number found on your smart TV.

You will then be taken to the sign-in page.

Log in to your HBO Max account with the same login credentials.

Pick the people you are watching and start streaming using HBO Max.

Alternative methods for getting HBO Max cheaper

If times are tough financially, we know the value of saving money on the cost of your Max monthly subscription. In addition to using a VPN service for access to lower costs, There are other strategies to cut down on your Max costs:

You can share your account with others if you’re on the Max Ad-free or Ultimate Ad-free plans. It would help if you considered sharing your account with family members or others. Sharing lets you share costs.
Reduce the scale – to those who do not wish to share, consider dropping down to the cheaper Max by advertising plan. This can result in savings but without account sharing. But it would help if you were mindful of the limitations, such as limited access to the entire Max catalog and lower video quality.
Utilize discounted gift cards. Online platforms typically offer discounts on Max gift cards, which may be cheaper than the actual value. However, in isolation, savings can appear small; they add up over time.
Consider other streaming options – if cost reduction is a critical factor, consider exploring alternative, less expensive streaming services such as Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. Moving to less costly options can result in significant savings.

Do I have to pay for a VPN with Max?

You can utilize a cost-free VPN to watch Max’s show. However, we do not advocate using just any VPN. Many free VPN service providers don’t offer a reliable VPN connection. Some went so far as to collect user information in exchange for selling the data to third parties and even bundled malware into their app installers.

Our top suggestions for reliable free VPNs for streaming Max include PincludeN, Windscribe, Tunne, and lbear. We have a complete list of trusted, free VPNs to get more recommendations.

Proton VPN gives you a Free plan with unlimited data, but with one caveat: there are only three servers to pick between (U.S., Japan, and the Netherlands). They’re usually under a lot of loads, meaning speeds can differ. The subject is covered in greater detail within the Proton VPN review.

How to Do It to activate the HBO Max App on Xfinity Flex as well as X1

Navigate to the menu Apps and then choose HBO Max, then click SIGN IN.
When you open the window, you’ll receive a unique activation code.
To enter this code, go to on your phone or computer.
The sign-in form is displayed once you have entered the code.
Log in with your HBO Max or Xfinity TV username and Password to log in.
Be sure to follow any further instructions (if available) from the directions on the screen.
The most popular HBO Max content is now streaming online.

Where can I find Max?

Streaming Max via tablets, smartphones, televisions, computers, streaming players, gaming consoles, and set-top boxes is possible. To learn more, visit What devices can work with Max?

Max is now available only in the United States and will soon be expanded to other areas.

What do I need to do to sign up?

Before signing in, check what you are already connected to Max. If you have HBO in your TV subscription, Internet service, and wireless plans, you might get free access to Max. If you want to find out if your service supports Max, you need to sign up with your service and look for the provider you use.

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