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most revealing swimsuits of all time

A perfect example: is Kim Kardashian stepping out wearing tops that allow her breasts to be completely exposed. Rihanna is wearing a completely transparent dress on the red carpet, with nothing beneath; Lea Michele regularly posts photos of her naked breasts on Instagram and numerous celebrities sporting dresses that show off an incredible quantity of T&A. This is just the last month! The trend of nakedness extends to the world of swimming, as evident by the revealing shocking bathing suits that were spotted at Miami Swim Week.

Although string bikinis haven’t been a thing, they’ve certainly diminished in size since the most recent fashions in swimwear and have resulted in a new class called The micro-bikini. All the top swim trends in 2022 have at least one revealing feature (if there’s more).

Think of one-pieces with legs that are cut high, similar to Baywatch Low-rise bottoms that came from 2001, cut-out swimsuits that show more than your typical one-piece, and finally, the bikini with thongs — a proof that the full-coverage swimsuit is a thing of the past.

WEEKENDER Reversible Thong Bikini Set

This bikini set will leave you looking gorgeous in whatever way you dress it. The 2-in-1 reversible design will let you stand out with the fun prints or in a classic color. The most popular triangle bikini top is perfect for everyone, and its incredible fit can enhance any body type.

If you’re prepping for the weekend getaway or just relaxing at home, you will look fabulous in the WEEKENDER bikini is prepared to go anywhere!

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