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my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

My Disappointment is Immeasurable and My Day Has Been Ruined is an iconic quote from TheReportOfTheWeek’s review on Popeyes”cheese biscuit butterfly” shrimp. After the video was made available on the internet, a screenshot was posted as a reaction picture, and the quote was copied to express displeasure.

What does My Disappointment is immeasurable, as well as My Day is Ruined mean?

My sadness is incalculable, and my day has been ruined is a well-known catchy phrase, referring to an episode on TheReportOfTheWeek on the show, in which Reviewbrah is testing the Popeyes cheese biscuit shrimp.

Following the upload of the first video of the moment appeared on the internet as a reaction picture to show extreme disillusionment.


The following day, a screenshot of the moment was posted to /r/TheReportOfTheWeek[1], where it gained over 293 upvotes. In August, Youtuber Mortienus uploaded the video to YouTube, and it gained more than 440,000 viewings (shown beneath).

In October 2017, a picture of the moment, including the conversation, was uploaded to the /r/me_irl account, which received more than 2,190 upvotes (shown below on the left). The image would later be utilized with different captions to express displeasure. For instance, a post on /r/meirl dating from December 2017 that included the words “When you take your pet into your bedroom, and it gets out” got over 1,120 upvotes (shown below left).

What’s the cause of my Disappointment? Is it incalculable as well as My Day is Ruined?

The review of Butterfly Shrimp was posted on on July 5, 2017. YouTube Channel TheReportOfTheWeek on July 5, 2017.

John Jurasek, the creator of the show and a product reviewer, expressed his disgust after consuming the shrimp.

The image macro would surface in a matter of hours when @mayorofkenya responded on the Twitter post of Reviewbrah by sharing the image and wrote, “my displeasure is incalculable, and my day has been ruined.”

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