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Name A Popular Type Of Curry

The Indian subcontinent is a vast region, so it’s natural that there will be different kinds of Indian curry, but also various ways of determining what is tasty and what ingredients are included in it. Below are a few varieties of Indian curry you’re likely to find in any Indian eatery, not only Little India.

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Is a curry a dish?

Curry was a term that was coined during the time of British rule in India. It is derived from the Tamil word Kari which means sauce or relish made from rice. Curry originated in India. Indian Sub Continent. While the curry is a dry or wet version of any food you can take with rice or flatbreads, the general public generally recognizes curry as fish, meat, and other vegetables cooked in a sauce base.

The difference between Curry and Gravy or Sauce

There are times when people use the words curry and gravy. In reality, gravy is made using the juice or water and fats released by chicken, meats, or fish. They are cooked. A small amount of spice and flour is added to thicken the gravy and served as a side dish. Curries are where the primary ingredient is simmered in a sauce until it is cooked.

Basic Curry:

Most families have the standard curry base they cook in bulk and then store for cooking convenience.

Preethi enjoys simple coconut curry with onion to make quick and straightforward curries. The base curry flavor is good with tomatoes, tamarind, or the dry powder of mango.


Korma curries are not spiced to provide heat but rather to add flavor. Instead of cumin and peppers, the korma opts for flavorings like cinnamon and cardamom. Mixing them with cream and butter, and usually paired with yogurt-marinated meats, which can be slowly cooked, these are for those who prefer zing without the sting.


Jalfrezis dates back to the days that Jalfrezis date back to the time of British Raj and, as such, is an Anglo-Indian mix. But this particular curry is characterized by an intense but not overwhelming hot flavor due to the stir-fried green chiles along with onions, tomato, and coriander.

Tikka Masala

In tikka masala, the primary sauce ingredients are onions and tomatoes. Spices are also added to create a sauce. Then, marinated and tandoor-cooked parts of chicken or tikka, paneer tikka, meat tikka, or mushroom tikkas are added to the curry sauce. It could be mild or hot based on the method by which it’s cooked.

Jolly uses her homemade masala tandoori to marinate the chicken to make Chicken Tikka Masala.


The exact origin of this dish is still being determined. Some believe it was introduced to the Indian Sub Continent by the Mughals and others believe it’s an Awadhi dish. The chicken or meat is typically put in a pan with stock, spices, and herbs. The pot is then covered and simmered throughout the night. It is served as breakfast.

See Shobha’s Nalli Nihari Ghosht recipe.

Kadhai Masala

Kadhai (kadai) is a word that means Wok is a word in Hindi, and masala refers to spice. In the case of the base of kadhai masala curry, all the ingredients are cooked in a kadhai before being ground. The primary ingredients are cumin, coriander seeds, and Fennel. Other spices are also added based on the region or family-based recipes. It is kadhai masala added to a curry base consisting of yogurt, tomatoes, and so on. You may have encountered dishes like kadhai mushrooms, kadhai paneer, kadhai chicken, etc.

Priya has made her kadhai masala using dry red chilies added to the coriander base and cumin.

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