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Play Music on Instagram Live Without Copyright

Do you have any thoughts about how to utilize copyrighted songs on Instagram? In light of Instagram’s recent emphasis on reels and videos (and research that shows reels receive 22 per cent more engagement than conventional videos), It’s not surprising that people are seeking ways to enhance their posts with great music.

However, the law regarding music copyright is complex. Instagram users, particularly people with accounts for business, might be asking if they could use the work of a musician legally and if it’s best not to take the risk of Instagram turning off your content. In addition, the confusion could be more apparent with contradicting information available as well. Instagram has altered its rules regarding copyrighted music multiple times.

We at Track Club are experts in music licensing for Instagram and ensuring your content is secure. Find out more information about how you can use music with copyright rights on Instagram legally so that the content that you’ve worked so hard to create doesn’t disappear.

What rules does Instagram have regarding copyrighted music?

  • Live music recorded during performances is allowed. If you go to the concert and post Stories, Reels, or Instagram Live videos of the performance, then you’re allowed to do so. “Music in Stories” is allowed in full.
  • If you have fewer fully-length recorded tracks, it could limit your capacity to live stream. If you’re broadcasting live on Instagram Live and are playing tracks in between tracks, you may be able to see your live broadcast cut off.
  • The rule of thumb is that video videos that contain music must be kept to a minimum. Although there’s no definitive solution to what “short” is, try to use short-form video content whenever you are unsure.
  • Always make sure you include a video element whenever you use copyrighted music on Instagram. Playing songs without a visual component isn’t allowed.
  • The music industry may not allow it in certain nations. Although music is accessible on Instagram across 90 countries, a few don’t currently have the rights to use it, making these rules inapplicable to your region.

How to Play Music on Instagram Live Without Copyright

You are able to play music via Instagram Live if you agree to Instagram’s Fair Use or Copyright exceptions. However, playing music that is copyrighted without permission from the artist on Instagram Live can be risky because your content could be deleted because of copyright violation.

Use Non-Copyrighted Music

If you are using music on Instagram Live, it’s crucial to make sure that you comply with copyright laws. Select non-copyrighted music, such as ones that are within the public domain, in order to prevent legal trouble and ensure that you can improve your Live streams by using high-quality music. Other platforms for music are free of copyright through Instagram, like Pixabay or Pixabay, and play the music during your Live sessions.

Collaboration with Artist

Collaboration with artists gives legal access to their posts on Instagram. It is possible to discover emerging artists through platforms such as Bandcamp and SoundCloud, which can lead to enthusiasm and an effective route to obtain a license for music. So you’ll get rid of copyright claims made by the music creator, and you can use their music through Instagram Live free of charge.

In-Product Video Notifications

It is painful for the user to experience interruptions while streaming or see parts of the stream or video cut off because of the sound. Therefore, in order to reduce the disruptions caused by these interruptions as well as avoid confusion about the proper use of music, Instagram is working to enhance its notifications in-product. These notifications are aimed at notifying users should the system find any uploaded or broadcast video that contains audio in a way that violates the license agreements signed by Instagram together with the rights holders.

These changes cover making notifications more clear and providing prior notification to live broadcasters in order to allow them time to alter their stream and avoid interruptions when they’re believed to be in breach of the restrictions of Instagram’s licensing contracts. If the video has been blocked or blocked, the IG authority should clarify what options the user is able to use to prevent interruptions.

How Does Instagram Detect Copyright Music & What Happens When It Does?

This is an automated process that flags copied music. In some cases, it takes the videos down for those with the right to make use of the songs! If you’re familiar with YouTube Content ID, it’s an identical method to identify violations.

What happens what happens when Instagram discovers you are making use of copyrighted music is different. This can be a result of:

The post can be muted, but you must allow the video content to be played
Removal of your Instagram post
Ending your live stream

What Are Instagram’s Copyright Rules?

It is now clear how you can play music through Instagram Live without copyright. But you could find yourself in trouble if you need to know Instagram’s copyright guidelines. If you need to be made aware of Instagram’s copyright regulations, be sure to study the guidelines.

If you’re part of a performance and have live video via your stream, it’s allowed.
Music can be used in your Instagram reels and videos, but only for a limited amount of duration.
When using copyrighted music, you can include a video element that is your own.
If you upload a full-length music video, it could end your live-streaming and remove it from your Instagram account.

Do I have the right to use 30 seconds of music that is copyrighted on Instagram?

Utilizing music that is copyrighted and that is not appropriately licensed, even for a small video, could lead to copyright infringements and legal implications. You should seek out legal permission or make use of royalty-free music licensed in Instagram’s library in order to avoid problems.

How to Check if a Song is Copyrighted on Instagram?

To determine whether a song is copyrighted on Instagram, You can utilize the Shazam app or the website to find the song and then check the status of its copyright. Just play the track and let Shazam play the song, and then reveal the track’s name as well as the name of the musician. After that, you’ll be able to look up the song on Google and verify if the song is copyrighted.
Check out the official site of the owner of the copyright to the music or call them directly for more information regarding the status of the song’s copyright. You should only make use of songs that you’ve got legal permission for or that are not copyrighted to avoid legal penalties.

What if You Need Other Options?

If you do find some great tracks with these sites, Copyright-free music may have a different ambience or style than you’d like to see on your Instagram account. Perhaps you’d like access to famous, well-known music that fits your company’s image and which you are sure the people who follow you on social media are going to love.

That means that you have to follow Instagram’s guidelines regarding music posting and use their library or figure out a way to be able to pay for the proper licensing. Cloud Cover Music is here to assist.

Do you DJ through Instagram Live?

DJing isn’t included in the Instagram livestream. However, several applications can be used to mix music in real-time. Like MixLive, MixLive is an app that lets you mix and blend different songs in a set DJ. Alternatively, you could utilize a music streaming platform such as Spotify and Apple Music and stream the songs you wish to play on the go.

What happens to DJs who do not have a copyright?

Remixing music and using it for commercials is a great way to acquire a license without the need to pay royalties. However, you’ll have to obtain permission from the owner of the copyright. There are numerous motives for you to request permission. There are a few reasons to ask permission: creating your track and remixing it for commercial purposes or creating an original cover version of a tune.


In this piece, we’ve talked about Instagram’s guidelines regarding copyrighted music, the way Instagram detects copied music, as well as some exemptions to which you aren’t required to seek permission for the use of the music on your posts. We also recommend you use the FilmoraGo application to prevent the issues.

In conclusion, we have addressed some frequently asked questions and also provided an easy-to-follow guide to what you should do if Instagram refuses to allow the content you post due to copyright infringement.

I hope you’ve found this article helpful and now know the dos and don’ts of Instagram copyright regulations.

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