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Rainforest Café Animal Kingdom


Dining can be found at Main Entrance – the Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

An Important Message

A confirmed dining reservation for the total number of guests regardless of age, as well as reservations for the park and valid admission to the park on the same date for every Guest aged three and over. Reservations for dining do not ensure access to the park or a park host. Park Hopper availability could vary daily. We suggest that guests book dining in the park in which they can make a Disney Park Pass reservation. Be aware of important updates regarding dining experiences at Walt Disney World Resort.

For dining in a park table-service restaurant, you must have dined at the Main Entrance – The Disney Animal Kingdom at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.
Put on your safari hat and pack a huge appetite while you enjoy an enticing meal in the center of a tropical rainforest.

Meal Pricing

The price range is based on the average adult dinner menus (breakfast and lunch usually cost less) except Character Dining locations, buffet locations, dinner shows, and special dining occasions, which reflect the cost of an adult’s all meals and non-alcoholic drinks. It excludes alcohol-related beverages tax and gratuities, except during dinner shows, where alcohol and wine, the cost of taxes, and gratuities are not included.
Breakfast Buffet – $$7 ($15 to $34.99 for adults)
The Lunch Menu – $$1 ($15 to $34.99 for adults)
Restaurant Menu – $$1 ($15 to $34.99 for adults)
A Wild Place to Shop and Eat
American-style food with an exotic twist awaits those who travel through this lush, animal-filled forest.

Bring your friends on a journey through the Amazon, where you’ll eat with animated animals to thunderclaps and flashing rainstorms. The sound of singing birds, trumpeting elephants, chest-pounding gorillas, and a multitude of colorful fish greet you in an expansive, lushly landscaped forest of tropical plants, banyan trees with waterfalls, and a dazzling night sky.

You’ll feel far from home but at home with American-style food that the entire family will appreciate. Visit the Rainforest Cafe shop, where you can purchase cute animals, themed clothing, and tropical trinkets that will remember your Amazon journey.

Amazing Amazonian Eats
Take a trip to the apes for an exciting menu that will please everyone, regardless of age. You’re looking for delicious food from the jungle, and this restaurant isn’t a frog!

Breakfast Is Served
Start your journey by having breakfast: Delicious Eggs Benedict, fluffy French Toast, Belgian waffles, breakfast sliders, Breakfast pizzas made Mexican style, and much more.

A Scrumptious Safari
There’s no need to look in the woods for a delicious lunch or dinner.

Youngsters aged nine or younger can indulge in tasty and comforting dishes such as Jurassic-themed Jurassic Chicken Tidbits, the bowl of Python Pasta, or a Gorilla Grilled Cheese Delish.

Experienced adventurers can control their appetites by eating recipes inspired by tropical cuisines like The Volcanic Cobb Salad, Rasta Pasta, or Taste of the Islands, a delicious trio of tilapia, shrimp, and scallops. Also, you can explore familiar territory with classics such as The Jungle Steak and Shrimp, Lava Nachos, and the Beastly Burger.

Whatever you pick, make your meal to leave you awestruck!

Explosive Desserts and Mushroom Night Caps
Then, end your adventure with the Tribal Cheesecake or the Sparkling Volcano with a chocolate-rich brownie cake tower topped with Caramel, ice cream, and chocolate sauce. It’s also topped with the Silver metal “sparkler.”

Young adventurers aged 21 and over can end their evening with a trip to the Magic Mushroom Bar. You can enjoy a cool Mongoose Mai Tai or a Cheetah Rita there.


It is highly recommended to make reservations in advance. Know when reservations for bookings are possible. Same-day reservations are possible on a limited basis and depend on availability.

It is important to note that reservations can be made online up to one hour before closing.

Breakfast Menu

Jungle Classics

Breakfast of Bandits*
Two eggs cooked your way with your choice of Bacon or sausage. The breakfast is served with Potatoes as well as Toast.
Benedict Bamba
Classic Breakfast Eggs Benedict served with Canadian Bacon. Serve along with Breakfast Potatoes.
Egg White Omelette
The tomatoes, Swiss cheese, Spinach, as well as Mushrooms. Served with fresh Fruit and Toast.
Ozzie’s Omelette
3 Egg Omelets served with Breakfast Potatoes and Toast. Add other things to the order for $0.99 each: Cheddar Cheese Mushrooms, Onions, Bacon, Ham, Spinach, Green Bell Peppers, and Black Olives. Tomato and Broccoli.

Tonga Toast

Cinnamon French Toast served with Maple Syrup, Strawberries, and Bananas. It is served with your choices between Bacon and Sausage.

Wild Waffle
Strawberries with Bananas, Strawberries, Maple Syrup, and your choice of Bacon, Sausage, or Bananas.

Pie of the Viper*
Mexican-style Breakfast Pizza featuring Salsa and Scrambled eggs, Tomatoes, Spicy and sweet Green, as well as Poblano Peppers, Cilantro Cheddar, and Mozzarella Cheese. You can add sausage or Bacon to the pizza for $2.99

Rainforest Favorites

Hot or Iced Tea
Extra Kick
Jungle Fever

The spicy Bloody Mary Mix and Vodka combined with our special seasonings, “Dip a Chip!”. It’s topped with Kettle Chips, our most legendary Kettle Chips.
Sparkling wines and Orange Juice
Jungle Java
Cafe Americano
Cafe Latte
Cafe Mocha
Cafe Au Lait
Single or double
Rio’s Java Freeze
Mocha or Caramel with fresh Cream and Premium Espresso

Regarding their allergy-friendly menu items: Customers can consult an expert chef or a specially trained Cast Member before making an order. We make reasonable efforts when selecting, preparing, and handling methods to prevent the introduction of named allergens in food items suitable for allergy-free consumption. We take measures to avoid cross-contact. However, we don’t have separate kitchens for allergy-friendly food and cannot ensure that menu items are total without allergens. Allergy-friendly menu items are based on the ingredient lists of the suppliers. We cannot assure the exactness of the content of each food product. Allergen warnings (e.g., “may contain”) are not subject to regulation and therefore are not considered when designing recipes that cater to allergies. Our guests are at their discretion to make wise decisions per their individual food preferences.

Prices and menu items are subject to changes without notice.

Consuming undercooked or raw meats, seafood, poultry shellfish, eggs, or meats can increase your risk of contracting food-borne illness.

Their plant-based menu items are prepared without animal meat, dairy, eggs, or eggs. Honey.

4 Things You Need to Know About Rainforest Cafe at Disney World

1: Double the Wild

Yes, on Disney property, you’ll find the two Rainforest Cafe places! Please look at one of them, the Disney Springs location on the Marketplace side or the one in the Animal Kingdom theme park. Whatever location you pick in your plans, you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful time! Disney Springs location is great to go to if you’re looking forward to an afternoon of shopping before or after dining. If you choose to dine at this Animal Kingdom park location, you’ll be able to feel like you’re eating with the animals at the park! Animal Kingdom Rainforest has a double entry point – one outside of the park and one within the park. You don’t need tickets to the park to dine in this restaurant. This Disney Springs location has an extremely cool lounge dubbed”Lava Lounge” “Lava Lounge.” You can enjoy one of the specialty drinks listed below and an amazing water view.

2: It’s a Jungle Out There

Once you’ve seen Rainforest Cafe, you’ll understand the vast amount of information that goes into these establishments. Every corner and crevice has anything that is related directly to Rainforest. Greenery lush, fish tanks, animated gorillas and monkeys, elephants, and many more! Where else could you dine with a continuous rainstorm for 30 minutes? The lights flash in the form of lightning as thunder is heard, get a glimpse of rain, and animals will shiver over excitement!

3 – The same as Zootopia

On one of our initial visits to Disney, We did the wrong thing by deciding to dine in the Rainforest Cafe but didn’t think we’d require reservations for dining. It turned out to be a mistake! Rainforest Cafe had stopped accepting reservations, and we needed to find another restaurant. It was a huge disappointment for our children, particularly those eager to dine there. It’s not always the case. However, we can tell it’s extremely popular, so why risk that when it is possible to reserve before your visit? Check out the 60-day advance dining reservation window, then go to the restaurant and cross the reservation out of your schedule.


Rainforest Cafe has an excellent American menu of American cuisine. Every time we’ve dined at Rainforest and enjoyed having a different experience, but, of course, we have our favorite dishes. Some of them include an appetizer Beef Lava Nachos for Two, Rainforest Burger, Blue Mountain Chicken Sandwich – and our top pick – Sparkling Volcano to eat dessert! The amazing dessert is a massive brownie with an ice cream topping that appears like the shape of a volcano. When the servers serve this dish for you to enjoy, they shout “VOLCANOOOO!” several times. The sparkling middle is a fun addition for kids! Also, the menu for children at Rainforest is amazing – it is by far one of our favorite places at Disney for the variety and variety. Our daughter loves the Lava Mud!

Dining can be found at Main Entrance – the Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

It is important to note that reservations can be made online up to one hour before closing.

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