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Samsung TV Won’t Connect to WiFi

Smart TVs aren’t intelligent with no internet connectivity. Every app you run on your Samsung TV, such as Netflix, YouTube, or Hulu, requires a stable, active wireless connection to access these apps.

If you’ve recently bought the brand new Samsung Smart TV or recently replaced your Internet router, you may be having difficulties setting up your device. Don’t worry! With Asurion, we aid millions of users to troubleshoot, solve, repair and optimize their technology. From fixing PlayStation controllers to connecting the TV to your computer, we have the most devices you depend on, working 24/7 all day. Here are our suggestions to determine why the Samsung TV won’t connect to wifi and how to correct the issue to get you back to enjoying your favourite shows.

What is stopping Samsung Television from Connecting to the wifi?

Based on our research, we have found that the issue isn’t apparent and could be due to many causes. The most significant reasons are:

Firmware that is out of date The firmware on your TV is out of date and has not changed to the most current version; it may not function properly as the Television needs to be updated with the most recent firmware to allow for all options to be configured appropriately dependent on the region.

General problem: There are numerous reports of a widespread issue with the software of Samsung Smart TVs. When the TV was shut off using the remote for that was longer than 10 or 15 minutes, the settings for the network were damaged and needed to be reset to allow the connection to function correctly.

The Mac address block: Each device connected to the wifi router utilizes a unique address to connect. Sometimes, this address is prevented by the wifi router by either the user or the ISP. If this happens, the TV will not be able to connect to the wifi router until the ISP removes it.

DNS Setting: In a few instances, those settings for DNS on your Television may not be correctly configured, resulting in a conflict between the router and the TV as it attempts for internet connectivity. The user must manually change the settings to allow the internet to connect correctly.

Samsung TV Not Connecting to wifi

There are a variety of solutions to this issue. It is possible to attempt the initial solutions if the issue is not too significant.

Here’s how you can link the Samsung Smart TV to wifi.

Restart Your Samsung TV

The main issue with Samsung TVs is that it corrupts the network settings when the TV is shut off for more than 15 minutes. So, it is recommended to restart your TV using these steps:

Switch off the Smart TV for at least 5 minutes.

Switch off your Television by disconnecting the cable from the socket on your wall.

Wait for at least 20 minutes before plugging in again.

You can re-enter your wifi password if required.

Try the next solution if this isn’t enough to fix the issue.

Examining your Smart TV signal strength

If you are still experiencing an issue after trying another router or do not have one option, it could be an issue in the strength of your device’s signal via your router.

To verify the strength of your Samsung Smart TV’s signal strength

Use the TV’s remote control to go to Settings.

Click on General > Network > Open Network Settings > Wireless.

Make sure you are aware of the number of wifi bars displayed on your TV.

If you’re experiencing full bars, the issues are probably elsewhere, and we’ll have to continue looking. If you’re seeing just one or two bars on your connection, you might need to navigate your router further or set up an expansion router for even better connections to the TV. If you’d prefer not to worry about the strength of your wifi signal altogether, you can directly connect the Samsung TV to your router by using an Ethernet cord. Connect the ethernet cable directly to the bottom of the Television and then connect the other end to the router to secure the connection.

Restarting Internet

It’s also possible that the internet may be experiencing some issues, the wifi service may not be working correctly, and the DNS configurations of the router may hinder the TV from connecting to the internet. In this case, we will completely turn off your Internet Router. This is why:

Shut off the power source on your Internet Router.

It is recommended to wait 10 minutes before turning off the power.

Allow the router to start loading the Internet settings. When granted internet connectivity, try connecting the TV to the wifi and see whether the problem persists.

Refresh DNS Settings

Alternately, you can alter your DNS settings using these methods:

On the remote for your TV, Press Menu > Settings.

Select Network > Network Settings.

Tap Start and go to the IP Settings.

Modify to change the DNS settings to allow manual entry.

Change the server’s name from “”.

Select OK, and watch for the TV to be connected to wifi.

Use a Different Wireless Network

It’s not easy trying to connect your TV. You may have tried the exact steps numerous times but with no success. If that’s the case, you can try another network on your smartphone. Also, you should know that moving from a wifi router and a hotspot for mobile could be the difference in the connection of your Smart TV and remote.

Here’s how to set up the mobile hotspot:

Go to Phone Settings > Network Connections

Choose Mobile Hotspot and Tethering

Enable Mobile Hotspot.

Update Firmware

If you’re having issues connecting to wifi, you should use ethernet to download the most recent firmware on your Television, depending on the reason. But, I’m using a computer to update my Samsung Tv using this tutorial:

Visit Samsung’s official website to download the Tv’s firmware.

Select Television and choose your device’s model.

Copy the firmware to a USB.

Eliminate any extra numbers or symbols your computer may have included in your firmware files.

Make sure you connect the USB directly to your TV and then hit the menu button on the remote.

Select Support and then choose the software upgrade option.

Choose “By USB” from the alternatives.

Make sure to confirm the update by clicking Ok.

After the Tv completes the updates, it will automatically restart. After completing all updating procedures, connect with the WIFI.

Summing Up

Whatever the technology, the technology of your Samsung TV may be, it can’t connect to wifi unless it has a suitable wifi signal. Many factors can block this transmission. However, this shouldn’t be a cause for concern because we’ve given you the information you need to solve it by reading this guide.

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