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Secret Messaging Apps That Look Like Games

Do you want to hide your text messages conversations from your friend or your partner? There are a variety of Android or iOS apps that resemble games. If you install these apps, your friends won’t even know you’ve got another chat application.

Even if they look at your phone’s screen and see its app, they don’t know it’s a chat application since the icon appears to be an icon from a game. It’s possible to conceal your chats by using these programs instead of apps like iMessage WhatsApp as well as your Android phone’s texting application built into it.

This way that even if they spy on your WhatsApp messages and see your WhatsApp chats, they won’t be able to view your chats that you’ve hidden in another application.

Here are the most popular ten applications for secret messaging that appear to be games.

Messaging Apps That You Never Heard Of!!

Shhh! I share the top on-the-market applications for secret messaging (Keep it secret). !!). Below, I have identified their most notable characteristics and the app’s size and compatibility. Don’t put off the process and hide your message before anyone can see you!!

Wickr Me

One option worth looking into when you’re searching for an app to communicate that looks like an actual gaming app is called Wickr Me. It’s not an app for messaging, but it provides a certain level of security and privacy that is difficult to obtain in other apps.

For instance, one of the most appealing features of the app is the fact that messages automatically degrade. You can set a timer to determine when you would like your messages to end.

So, no one will read your messages if they launch the application. The Shredder feature will erase deleted Wickr Me data, so it cannot be removed from your device, even by technically proficient ones.

CoverMe on iPhone

CoverMe is an excellent hidden messaging application that includes a private calling feature. It keeps you safe from follow-up calls by allowing secure calls via an encrypted burner line. CoverMe’s vault feature is a great way to conceal other files such as videos in your iPhone. End-to-end encryption auto-delete of messages makes CoverMe an extremely secure SMS application.

Hide My Text

With a score of 4.0 and more than 10,000 downloads and over 100 reviews, Hide My Text is the most effective application that appears like a game, but it is a vault that allows users to keep messages hidden. The program helps users transform their text into an encrypted encoded format that is difficult for anyone else to view.


If you’re on an Android phone, Silence is the best private messaging app available. Silence lets you communicate with your contacts through MMS or SMS without worrying about data leaks. Silence also comes with security features that help ensure the security of shared information like photos and videos.

Stealth Chat

The number two spot on my list of the top applications that appear to be gaming apps is Stealth Chat. With 3.9 and 746 ratings on Playstore, Stealth Chat promises a highly secure messaging and calling app. Stealth Chat says it doesn’t save any chats on servers and multimedia, contacts, and even likes.

Hide SMS

Although it’s not a popular program, it is an option to hide your conversations from the prying eyes of others. The app icon is useless if someone steals your phone and wishes to read your private messages or chats. It’s not a mistake to think it’s the messenger app, and the logo is an actual solitaire or card game. All your chats are encrypted. Even if someone does open the app, they won’t access the private conversations. The messages are also sent in Silence.

Ninja messages

The logo is a fancy game with a catchy name. Ninja Messaging is an excellent hidden messaging application that will automatically erase all chats in its main interface. The app is rated with 3.2 reviews on Playstore and more than 81 reviews. It also comes with the ability to lock your phone with a built-in feature.

Private SMS & Call

The secret messaging application can be used to create an encrypted communication platform suitable for Android users. Private SMS and Call comes with an easy setup procedure to utilize the application after installing it. Also, you will require pen-based locks to allow future access.


With a rating of 3K and 4.4 ratings from Playstore, TextU hides the messages and has a superior privacy feature that prohibits users from taking screenshots of the messages hidden. It can also manage notification by choosing an alternative stone for the application.

Message Locker

The Locker approach to messaging Locker approach differs from other secret messaging applications for Android since it doesn’t cover up the content. But, as the name implies, the app operates by locking your messages. The Message Locker allows you to select either a PIN or form to protect your information.

Calculator Pro+

Calculator Pro+, the ultimate shady application that appears to be an ordinary calculator, but underneath is a secret vault in which you can keep your secret message as well as other multimedia files. Additionally, it appears to be an actual calculator; however, it functions as one. So it fulfills both functions.


FortKnoxster might look like an easy VPN or a primary cryptocurrency wallet for the uninitiated. If your companion or friend does not know anything regarding cryptos, they could consider it an actual game in the crypto world.

It is not apparent that it comes with an encrypted messaging system.

With FortKnoxster, it is possible to purchase crypto with your credit card or electronic bank transfer. You can also exchange one cryptocurrency for another and keep them in your account, where you be the owner of and from, making FortKnoxster an excellent crypto app as a whole.

The difference is that FortKnoxster includes private video and chatting, which allows users to send private encrypted messages to friends and contacts. You can call and text with confidence; however, you can give crypto to a friend or request a crypto payment.

Chat interfaces are integrated with FortKnoxster’s crypto-related services, allowing users to send NFTs via private chat. All chat messages end in and out encrypted, just as is video chats.

You can also make voice calls and share the screen while on video calls with a coworker or friend, and it will be encrypted also.

Alongside the mobile application, FortKnoxster has a web interface to manage your crypto and connect with your contacts on the internet.

FortKnoxster incorporates QR codes that allow you to scan them to transfer and get Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with FortKnoxster’s multi-coin wallet.

In the end, I can say with confidence that FortKnoxster is among the top messaging applications that look and feel like games, especially if you’re an avid crypto user as well.

NetSfere Secure Messaging

It is rated with a score of 4.5 from the store for apps. NefSferene Secure Messaging is a very secure cloud service for messaging. It was designed for businesses and guaranteed the highest compliance, control, and collaboration.


Gem4me is a messenger app that looks a bit like an online game. It’s a simple but powerful messenger app that permits users to send text messages, pictures, videos, text messages, and other files for free.

Utilizing your QR codes, you can invite your friend to join you in private, at no cost. Group chats are also offered on Gem4me.

One of the most incredible things concerning Gem4me is that it allows users to erase messages after sending messages and allows you to modify the messages. Sometimes, you’ll miswrite something in a text message or misspell a critical word.

Some apps that allow you to erase messages don’t let you edit them after being sent. Thus, you’ll need to erase the message and then make a new one and, at this point, with the correct mistake.

Gem4me lets you modify a message without having to delete the message. You can also add stickers to your chats. Receive new stickers each month to add some spice to your chat.

Secret Messenger

Secret Messenger stands out for its 5.0 score and 1.6 K reviews. What is this? It’s a private messaging application that encrypts messages. You’d like to keep the messages in order with your beloved, and this app can be your second home.


The wire is a fully-featured secure messenger that can handle every aspect of communication, including encryption from end-to-end and a web interface. It also supports group calls and additional distinctive features. With Wire, you can share your friend’s texts, YouTube videos, photos, voice messages, SoundCloud music, and many more. Its unique design distinguishes it from its other apps. You’ll need to create an account and verify that account using your email address to use Wire. Then you’ll have the ability to choose a profile picture and the interface’s color.


It is rated as 4.4 in iOS; FortKnoxster provides free video call services and calling services to family and friends in any region globally. It offers end-to-end encryption, while in addition to Snapchat, the app has self-destructing messages.


Like its twin brother, Cellcrypt also has to be a part of some highly classified Government encryption mumbo-jumbo.

Like the previous government and private sector, only companies and governments can utilize it following an approval procedure.

The best thing about these apps is that, while it might look like a typical messenger application, don’t be fooled by the fact that it fools you by claiming that it looks fantastic.

Underneath the hood, it packs some severe best-in-class, Military-grade encryption…features that ordinary people don’t need even in this age of privacy concerns.


The application was previously known as an encryption application that retreated from the consumers’ marketplace. Celcrypt is currently an encryption service accessible only to government officials and businesses, and it encrypts internal communications.


The bigger brother of Cellcrypt, Seecrypt, is packed with top-secret encryption data for companies and the government. The app appears like a primary interface, and however, it has some military-grade security and privacy features underneath it.

Final Words

If you’re unable to locate one of these apps in the Play Store or Apple Store alternative way to locate these hidden messaging apps is Stay a secluded friend and have fun with your love life.

Calculator Pro+ is the most amazing app that looks and feels like a game. It’s possible that a calculator doesn’t fit into the definition that’s “game,” but the application ticks all the right boxes.

The icon does appear to be any messaging application in any way. Still, when you start the app, there’s no way to determine whether it’s a messaging application or to access your chats privately without knowing your PIN code.

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