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Sharing Name And Photo Not Available

Do you own an iPhone and prefer sending texts instead of calling? You might want to use the iPhone’s excellent iMessage profiles feature. It was launched with iOS 13 and will also be extended to iOS 14. With this option, you can create an account for your iMessages and share your photo and name. When you send an email to someone, they’ll be able to see your avatar and your name.

Making a profile on your device is a safe method of sharing messages. This profile feature is usually compatible with iPhones or Apple devices. If your phone does not support Animoji avatars, you can include your photo to be shared alongside your texts.

If you’re a novice to the iPhone feature and haven’t created your iMessage profile, then I’ve explained below what you need to do. But if you’re aware of how to set up your profile but are stuck in a “Sharing Name and Image not available” error, we’ll start by discussing this issue.

Photo and name of sharing are not available [FIXShare name and photo not available [FIX

In some instances, it is the case that when you attempt to activate the ‘Share Name and photo’ option, you receive a message saying, “Sharing name and picture is not available.

This error typically states that Sharing Name and Photo is unavailable due to iCloud and iMessage accounts are not connected or have not been signed in’.

Here’s how you can repair it.
  1. Log into iCloud

An iOS device doesn’t need to be signed in to iCloud. It can be used without ever registering an account with iCloud. However, not doing this means you cannot utilize specific options; among them can be using the iMessage Profile feature.

To correct this problem,

Start Settings. Open the Settings app.

On the top of the screen is at the top, you will see the Apple ID that your device utilizes. Tap it.

At the Apple ID screen, tap iCloud.

If you are prompted to sign in, do so—via iCloud using that same Apple ID to sign in with iMessage.

Solutions to fix Sharing Photo and Name Not Available on iOS 16

After identifying the cause, you might look for ways to fix the problem. We provide eight effective solutions for you in light of the many motives.

Solution 1: Determine if iCloud, as well as iMessage Accounts, are the same when Sharing Photos and Name is Not available

Solution 2: Disconnect Phone Numbers to Correct Sharing Name and Photo Not Available

Solution 3: Make use of Reiboot iOS System Repair Tool (No Data Loss) to Recover Sharing Name and Photo not available

Solution 4: Sign Out from iCloud and sign in if sharing Name and Photos aren’t Available

Solution 5: Repair sharing photo and name is not accessible via Restart/Force Restart iPhone

Solution 6: Switch Off iMessage and on to solve Name and Sharing Photo not available

Solutions 7 and 8: Restore using iTunes to fix Sharing Photo and Name Not There

Solution 8. Reset all iPhone Settings to Resolve Sharing Name and Photo Not Available

What’s the reason I can’t add an individual name and picture within the Messages app?

“Sharing Name and Photos isn’t accessible because iCloud and iMessage accounts are different or have not been signed in.”

Devices that run iOS 13 or higher can select a name, a photo, or a Memoji to send personalized messages on their iPhones. Two troubleshooting steps are provided when you’re struggling to set up your Messages account or if you’ve encountered the error message above. Make sure that your device is iOS 13 or higher by going through Settings > General > About. It is possible to update your device by navigating through the Software Update section in Settings > General.

It is essential to ensure that your iCloud and iMessage accounts have the exact contact details. Go to Settings > iMessage and then click the Send and Receive tab. You can include the same phone number and email address as the iCloud account.

Redefine your iMessage Experience

Personalizing the name of your iMessage and profile photo will assist your contacts (and those you message) in recognizing you faster and more confidently. Use any of the methods mentioned earlier to get rid of the ‘Sharing Name & Photo not available’ error message on the iPhone and iPad. If none are working, you can turn off iMessage and then turn off iMessage again. Additionally, you can restart your device following the application of any of these troubleshooting techniques.


  1. Use multiple addresses to send iMessage
  2. Relink Apple ID
  3. Remove devices from Apple ID
  4. Update iOS
    Refine Your iMessage Experience
    This issue is not uncommon with new iPhones. Users who recently updated their iOS 13 also experienced this issue. This could be due in part to an iOS 13 bug or some problem with the gadget’s Apple ID setup.

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