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The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

The phrase connects with the Bible passages Matthew 6:22-24 which states, “The eyes are the source of light for the body. If you have eyes that are in good health, your entire body will be full of illumination. However, if your eyes have become unhealthy, your entire body will be filled with darkness. If the light inside you is dim, just how dark is it? “No person can be serving two masters. You can either be opposed to one while loving the other or will commit yourself to the one while hating one. It is impossible to serve God as well as money.” The eyes you look into are the focal point of your existence and what you’re looking for. If you’re only looking for satisfaction and money instead of the love or reality of God, You will eventually encounter dismay. “Eyes are the windows for the Soul” originates from Shakespeare, who frequently drew inspiration from the Bible and biblical themes to inspire his works.

Proverbs 30.17:17 – The eye is the doorway to the soul

Eye window: It is said that “the eyes are the door for your soul.”. The eyes of a dream are thought to express feelings of love and affection.

Matthew 6:22-23 “The shining of the body is in the eyes: if your look is pure (clear, undivided, and without the appearance of hypocrisy, then your whole body will be filled with illumination.

Proverbs 29:17 – “The eye [face, face] which mocks [derides and scorns] his father and sneers at (disdain; resents) the mother’s commands and the ravens of the valley will pick it up [pierce, cut; thrust out; hollow it outto hollow out], and the naive Eagles will eat it and feed on].”

The youthful looks of Roland and Sadie Whitley’s grandchildren – circa the mid-1960s often convey a childlike genuine joy without pretense and honesty. However, as they progress through decades, these same faces can leave an angry and rebellious look, with squint eyes on their faces. ..rejecting the umbrella of spiritual security and Charles-Manson-2sanity in his parent’s household, this contrary fool will surely come to a sad, ignoble end, and no one may be there to mourn such a waste of life.

Matthew 13:15 “For the heart of this person is covered in scum, their ears have lost hearing and their eyes shut, lest the day comes that they can see their eyes and hear through their ears. And they can comprehend with their hearts and become converted and healed by me.” their hearts.”

Our non-verbal language is spoken through our eyes
Here’s a fascinating list of a few of the data eye-sight can transmit:


You likely feel happy if your eyes grow longer or wrinkle and sparkle more frequently than usual. It doesn’t take people to smile to see how happy they are.


If they’re conversing with you and paying attention to what you say, it’s essential to concentrate on the other features of their eyes to determine whether they’re looking at you greater or lesser.


Through the eyes of our souls, it is possible to see sadness as one of the feelings we experience more often yet attempt to conceal. In this instance, the eyelids and the lower part of the eyebrows are raised.


When we’re annoyed, our eyes raise and look entirely serious. Sometimes, we frown.

Assessment or unpredictability

If we listen to someone and then close our eyes, it’s a sign that we either evaluate what they’re saying and question the validity of their words or cannot comprehend the meaning behind what they’re saying. The eyes that look half closed can be a sign of fatigue.

Sexual desire or concentration

If we experience sexual inclination or focus, our eyes are enlarged, as mentioned previously, which leaves us vulnerable to another person. It’s a fact, and we tend to look at our eyes as if they are wet and uneasy.

The Meaning

The “eyes are the windows of your soul” is a famous saying that suggests that eyes can reveal your feelings or thoughts. You’re thinking. When speaking to someone with body language, we employ it to emphasize the points.

If you’re consistent in your thinking and words, it will appear normal to others. If you’re concealing something in your body, your speaking will not match your comments, and the other person will look suspicious of you.

Eyes produce micro-expressions that convey the meaning of what you’re saying. Our brains are programmed to detect micro-expressions, and that’s the way we get a sense that someone is deceiving or faking us.

Use Case

“The eyes reveal the soul. People will always show the truth about their feelings when you look at their facial expressions.”

“She claimed she didn’t commit a crime, but eyes can be windows into the soul and I was able to tell that she was in denial.”

“The eyes can be a window into the soul. It is clear that there’s something that you’re not saying to me.”

“Why do you seem to be so coy? Eyes can be a window to the soul and you’re saying something that’s wrong with the way you’re telling us.”


The genesis of this common expression comes from the work of William Shakespeare, where the writer once stated the following.

“The Eyes are the window to your soul. Or did it simply represent an illusion? His interpretation of what was can be, or was, a the idea that is that was brought to life by the ever-changing brain from William.”

The expression is also rooted in the Roman Empire, where the philosopher Cicero stated, “The face is a representation of our mind, and the eyes act as its interpreter.”

If we go further, it is also believed that the phrase shares similar roots to the Biblical passage found in Matthew 6:22-23, which reads, “If you are able to see that the light in you is dim, then the darkness is so great!”

The word would appear in the language of modern times with its current form around the 1800s when it was popularized in literature.

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