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Top 10 busiest airports in the us

In 2024, the year that will end will be upon us in a few days. Thousands of people have travelled through the airports of all of the United States this year, as well as aviation experts OAG have analyzed the numbers to find out which airports across the nation were most busy in 2023. The provider of aviation information and analytics, OAG, has calculated the ten biggest airports across the United States together with total airline capacity, both international and domestic flights, in 2024.

The number of passengers boarding is an influential gauge of an airport’s “busyness” as well as airports like the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) utilize passengers’ boardings in order to establish the classifications of its airports as well as their eligibility to participate in an Airports Improvement Program (AIP). In the U.S.’s most crowded airports carrying a staggering 70% of their passengers the air travel industry in America is a maze of data and microcosms. Every airport is a complete world.

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the busiest airports around the globe. It was home to more than 100 million travellers in the year prior to the pandemic and had approximately 2,700 flights per day. While the figure fell to 75.5 million in 2021 and 871 flights during a typical day in September 2022, it’s still a long way in front of the world’s runner-up.

ATL was also the home of the most crowded airport around the globe for nearly 20 years prior to Covid.ATL’s areas cover just 4700 acres, which is smaller than the tenth biggest airports within the US. In the last 18 years, the airport has been recognized as being the most efficient airport anywhere in the world, alike to the Air Transport Research Society. The airport is flawlessly orchestrating flights to more than 225 international destinations, with 18 domestic and foreign airlines, and also the highest airport control tower for air traffic located in North America.

International Airport Dallas/Fort Worth

The Dallas/Fort worth International Airport (DFW) is an important transport hub in Texas situated midway between cities Dallas as well as Fort Worth. It’s among the largest airports in the world, with an area of over 17,000 acres, and serves as a vital location for both domestic and international flights. DFW is home to a vast range of routes connecting passengers to destinations across the world. It is American Airlines’ primary hub.

Five terminals comprise the airport, and each terminal offers a variety of amenities and services that accommodate the needs of passengers. The passengers can count on a pleasant and relaxing experience at DFW and enjoy a broad variety of dining options as well as retail shops and lounges.

The reputation of the airport for its smooth operations, mainly in the midst of high traffic levels, can be attributed to its efficient layout and modern features. Go to Ling & Louie’s in Terminal A for a relaxing sitting-down dinner with creative Asian cuisine, as well as Salt Lick’s Bar-B-Que for the last bite of barbecue prior to leaving and Twisted Root to enjoy a well-rounded hamburger. Enjoy a glass of wine at the chic Decanted restaurant and feast on Smoked meats, sides and other dishes at Cousins BBQ, located in Terminal B.

Denver International Airport (DEN)

There is a Denver International Airport is the third most crowded airport within the US and serves Denver, Colorado. Denver, Colorado. The airport in 2024 had 29 million passengers arriving. The airport is the primary point of entry for Frontier Airlines and a hub for United Airlines.

O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

It is O’Hare International Airport is the fourth most crowded airfield in the US, which serves Chicago, Illinois. Chicago, Illinois. The airport in 2024 was home to 27 million passengers. The airport is the hub of United Airlines and American Airlines.

Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport, often referred to simply by its code for airports LAX, may be among the top well-known airports around the globe, and its steadfast position among the most crowded ten airports of the world is a reflection of the acclaim it has earned.

Although LAX is a second airport that hasn’t returned to pre-pandemic numbers of seats, however, as 2023’s traffic remains greater than 14.5 per cent below the figures for 2019, the airport has experienced an impressive improvement. Traffic has increased nearly 14% from 2022 to 75,0501,851 travellers in 2024. It is currently ranked eighth within the top 10.

The airport first opened its doors in 1928. This made it one of the earliest airports on this list. Its initial hangar is operating until today after having been renovated in the year 1990. Since its inception, it has opened nine passenger terminals that have more than 150 gates. It also utilizes four runways.

John F. Kennedy International Airport

Similar to a handful of others included on this list, JFK airport is a dual citizen as one of the top and busiest airport lists, ranking as the ninth most crowded and largest airport.

More than 70 airlines operate in JFK’s eight terminals, which include American Airlines, Delta Air Lines as well as JetBlue.

There are enough airlines that make their way through its terminals; JFK serves as a significant entry point for other parts of the world that are entering the States with the most international traffic of the other major airports within North America at 34.3 million passengers.

In case that needs to be more impressive, it also boasts a distinctive hotel. It’s called the TWA Hotel and was seen as an opportunity to reuse the main building at TWA Flight Center. TWA Flight Center, which was declared as a landmark in 1994, but stopped operations in 2001.

It is now an old-fashioned rest area for tired travellers and has many exhibitions in the terminal, which delve into the rich history of the TWA.

Orlando International Airport

There will be nearly 52.2 million people arriving by 2024. Orlando International Airport takes the 9th spot here. It’s a busy transport hub for visitors to the top attractions of Central Florida. MCO provides numerous international and domestic flights providing a way to theme parks in the area like Walt Disney World and other recreational resorts.

Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport, located in Miami, Florida, handled more than 51.6 million travellers in 2024. It was the number eight spot in this category. It is a crucial entry point connecting the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean, which facilitates commerce and travel between these areas.

MIA is home to hubs of several airlines, such as American Airlines, Atlas Air and Eastern Airlines, amongst others.

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