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Top 10 people that changed the world

Ten Famous People Who Changed the World It’s interesting to observe how our world has transformed into a marvel because of the significant choices of great individuals and their sacrifices.

In this report, RNN compiled famous people who we think are the most influential people in one way or another. Their work’s impact has been evident throughout the world throughout history.

Many significant historical figures have altered the world over the past millennium, so it’s difficult, if not impossible, to pick one among them who most influenced recent developments.

But we decided to give the idea a go and put together this piece with some of the most inspiring figures in history. They vary in popularity and notoriety, yet they have one thing in common: they made historical events.

Albert Einstein

Albert was an eminent theoretical physicist who created his relativity theory, one of two fundamental pillars of the modern science of physical science. In the list of top people to make a mark throughout his time, Albert’s effect on physics and his wider influence on society has created a lasting impression throughout the 20th century and even beyond.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. was an important American civil rights leader who advocated for equality of race through non-violent civil disobedience. The King was recognized nationally for his work during the Montgomery Bus Boycott (1955-1956), an effective protest to stop racial discrimination on public transportation in Alabama.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx was a German-Jewish economist and philosopher who published a renowned statement during multiple rebellions that ravaged Europe at the turn of the century. It was clear why Marx declared that the history of humanity was the result of a constant struggle between the poor and the rich.

In the wake of industrialization, this battle was waged by greedy business owners and factory workers needing a hand. The capitalist system that fueled the expansion of Europe and America is now hovering close to collapse. Marx was adamant that capitalism was on the verge of its collapse and that the consequences could lead to the creation of a new system of social organization all over the globe. In the world of Marx, there was a view of the masses as equals who enjoyed rights like the elite.

Marx’s Communist Manifesto (1848) inspired revolutionaries worldwide, from Lenin to Mao to Castro. And, of course, it triggered various ideological battles between civilizations of the modern age. Today, every one of the discussions we witness and hear on the world’s changing landscape, inequality, poverty, pollution, poverty, and lust for consumerism were prompted by an ideological battle that originates from Karl Marx.

Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony was an American civil rights advocate, lecturer, educator, writer, and renowned abortionist. Anthony was also a Quaker who taught others around her. As a leader in the women’s rights campaign of the time, Anthony became acquainted with Elizabeth Cady Stanton and founded the National American Woman Suffrage Association along with Lucy Stone.

Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall is an animal activist, Scientist, conservationist, and animal activist who’s spent more than 60 years studying and living with Chimpanzees in Tanzania. When she was 26, Jane Goodall started one of the biggest and longest-running research studies on chimpanzee behavior, which sought to comprehend the human-chimpanzee bond and ensure their survival.
The woman is well-known for redefining the concept of conservation of species in a wider sense to meet the demands of the local population and their habitat. She is considered one of the most influential scientists due to her efforts.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Most people need to be made aware of da Vinci due to his contribution to medicine; however, he played a key role in helping humanity discover our bodies. Da Vinci was awed by the body’s anatomy and wanted to know all possible about the subject. He collected body parts and cut up more than 30 corpses, studying.

Utilizing cadavers to conduct this type of study was not permitted during the time. It resulted in a charge of “unseemly behaviour” as well as witchcraft after the return of his research to Rome that, ended the study of anatomy. His research was not published and was not discovered until centuries later.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was a crucial actor in the fight against apartheid South Africa and went on to become the first President of African descent. Mandela became an icon of the struggle against the oppression of others, and his dedication to reconciliation and forgiveness won the world’s attention.


If we think of inspirational women leaders, we usually think of Queen Victoria, Jacinda Arden, and other contemporary female leaders. Even at the beginning of time, women leaders such as Hatshepsut changed the course of history.

Hatshepsut is the female second Pharaoh. She was a great builder who had commissioned thousands of monuments, statues, and structures. It was her responsibility to improve the wealth of the dynasty as well as the reopening of some popular trade routes.

Jasilyn Charger

Growing up in the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota, Jasilyn gained firsthand experience with the mental health issues teenagers face. Jasilyn co-founded the One Mind Youth Movement to benefit those who are members of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and find assistance and support when struggling.

Additionally, Jasilyn co-founded the International Indigenous Youth Council. This group, with branches all over the United States, allows Indigenous young people to unite as advocates for issues across the nation and within their community.

If your students are from or have an Indigenous origin, consider connecting them to local chapters if one exists in your local area. Students can be informed about the work of Jasilyn by showing them her talk “Protecting Mother Earth,” which she presented at the 2018 Indigenous Environmental Network Conference.

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