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Top 10 Scariest Dolls in The World

We, as children, find pleasure in dolls. They’re a delightful and fun companion in playtime. As we age, those toys we once loved become an unnatural source of terror fuel. Eyes that are droopy and icy are enough to scare anyone. What is the outcome when a doll gets up at night and starts moving about on its own?

These dolls are famous for their spooky dreams as they scurry through homes as well as causing misfortune to those unfortunate enough to get in touch with their abodes. Sure, dolls like Annabelle, as well as Robert the Doll, are famous. Some are not as well-known but are equally frightening. If these are indeed supernatural is yours to determine. Whatever the case, you cannot ignore that they’re terrifying to see.

Joliet The Haunted & Cursed Doll

Joliet was a part of the same clan for several generations. The fate of Joliet impacted women from every age within that particular family. The women of each generation had two babies: one boy and one girl. Every boy born at the end of the third day would die suddenly. Family members said that they heard the doll crying. There is a belief that beauty carries the spirits of those who died in the boys.

It is terrifying to think that the existence of such dolls is haunted. It isn’t easy to know if the stories in these articles are real, and if so, everyone should keep their distance from the dolls.

Mercy The Haunted Dolls

Based on legends, Mercy is a haunted doll, believed to be haunted by the spirits of a 7-year-old girl. People who own Mercy affirm that they witnessed bizarre events, like the doll being able to stand in its own right or being found at a different place from where it was initially placed.

Alongside Mercy’s alleged supernatural movement, Some owners had also reported strange events in their electronics when Mercy was in their homes. For example, the television or radio channel could suddenly shift without reason.

There isn’t any evidence or research-based evidence that supports weird doll stories such as that of Mercy remain intriguing and terrorize people all over the globe. Many believe that objects get possessed by spiritual energies or that spirits may connect to things that are not living. No matter if you think that the supernatural exists, It’s evident that Mercy is a magnet for the curiosity of people who read her tale.


The short form for “Letta-Me-Out”, Letta is an old wooden doll that has human hair. The doll was found under the residence within Wagga Wagga in Australia by the current caregiver, Kerry Walton. Walton told the Warwick Daily News, “I believe he is walking through the night. The house was built to a brand new home, and I’ve never witnessed so many strange stories before in my lifetime”. There are scuff marks he’s discovered on the floors in his house and objects that have strangely shifted. Walton has taken Letta along to numerous television appearances and created an Instagram page for Letta the doll.

Suzie (May 2002)

Suzie is the only friend of the lonely protagonist who does not possess any superhuman abilities; however, Suzie remains eerie in every way. May’s mom created the doll to be her daughter’s sole natural companion, and the doll prompts May to devise a terrifying friend, Frankenstein style.

Brahms (The Boy, 2016,)

What’s stranger than an elderly couple hiring a woman to care for a doll resembling an infant boy? The fact that it appears exactly like their son who died. When the PB&J sandwich disappears, and screams of children are heard in the kitchen, it’s a sign that something’s wrong.

Tiffany”Bride Of Chucky’ (1998)

Chucky might be a terrifying murderer doll, but at times it’s hard even to come close to his lover, Tiffany. If Tiffany does not have the actual body of the actress Jennifer Tilly, she lives as a murderous doll that is killed along with her lover.

Tiffany is known for having the same gruesome deaths as Chucky in both her movies as well as her own Chucky TV television series. The story began when she made her film debut in the 1998 film Bride of Chucky when a battle between two lovers resulted in Tiffany being killed and her soul transformed into a doll in the hands of her lover.

Clown Doll Clown Doll Poltergeist (1982)

There was a clown somewhere. The scene was a catalyst for the entire population of clowns (the following decade’s children also had Pennywise fight). The story begins with Robbie Freeling (Oliver Robbins) being a bit frightened by the doll sitting in the bedside chair beside his bed at the time of bed. The actor throws on a coat to hide the beauty but fails, and then he smugly ignores all the drama before crawling to sleep. When he rechecks, and sees that the chair is not empty. Is there a clown missing? Do you think he’s hidden under your bed? He’s right behind you! If you thought that was not enough comedy, Then there’s more in the story, including the scene in which Robbie is confronted by the doll that was initially, after it has been mysteriously found at the back of the yard, on the day of his birthday. Robbie should be more aware and refrain from picking up odd objects from the outdoors.


A porcelain doll called Mandy is believed to be among the beauties haunted by ghosts in the world. The doll was first created in 1910 but is currently in the Museum located in British Columbia after being donated by the owner who had previously owned it. The owner claimed she heard crying from the doll in the night, and when she contributed Mandy to an exhibit at the Museum, the crying stopped at the home of her former owner. Strange things happened after Mandy towards the Museum, and even footsteps were heard in the corridors, even though nobody was present.


Jayne Harris is a paranormal investigator who has made photographs and videos of a ghostly doll nicknamed Peggy. Peggy is a toy that affects those without the pleasure of being around her. After videos and photos of Peggy were shared on the Internet, there were reports of 80 people experiencing anxiety and headaches even viewing images of institutions. A woman reported having an attack of the heart after watching internet videos featuring the doll. What are your feelings at the moment?

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