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Turn Off Android Phone Without Power Button?

There is no need for a guide to know how to switch a mobile phone off or on. But, if you notice that your device’s Power button or display is damaged or is not working for a reason, you could be looking for an instruction like this. This guide will look at every possible method to turn off and restart the power on an Android tablet or phone without the power button or those for volume. Follow my guide if you’re looking to start your phone’s display and let it go to sleep without power buttons.

The power button on the phone could fail or stop responding because of an accidental drop, abuse, and mishandling. It could also be a result of lousy build quality or misuse. If you’ve been using your tablet or phone for a long time, the power button could be useless. The only solution to this issue is to visit a repair center to fix it. You can also use one of the methods listed below to switch off your phone without using the power button. If you own a smartphone from Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus, Vivo, Realme, Nokia, or any other Android device, these tricks can be used on all Android phones.

How to Turn Off Phone Without Power Button on Android

There are various ways to switch off the power on your Android phone without pressing buttons to turn off the phone. Some of these strategies might be complex, but they’re not difficult to learn.

Turn Off Phone From Settings

There are various options through your settings, such as the ability to turn off the phone. Android phones have different locations based on the model. However, all phones come with this basic setting.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Find power off. Click on it. Off and click it.
  • The option could be referred to differently. If it isn’t available, you can try searching for Shut Down, Switch Off or turn off.
  • You are now able to view your primary settings.
  • Scroll down until the bottom and then click for the Turn Off option.

It is possible to turn off your phone using this method; however, you’ll be unable to turn it to its original state without using the power button.

Power Off Android via Accessibility Menu

Let’s find out how to switch off the power button on an Android smartphone or tablet using pressing the Power button using the Accessibility Menu.

  • Go to Settings on the Android device, and then tap Accessibility on Chinese devices OEMs such as Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus, Realme, Huawei, etc. You’ll find Accessibility under Additional Settings.
  • Suppose you have a Samsung Galaxy phone or Tab Select Interaction and Dexterity and then tap the toggle icon in the middle of the menu for Assistant. An Assistant icon floating on the screen will be displayed on the screen, as it is shown below. If you find the floating icon bothersome, you can alter the size, color, location, etc. By tapping the assistant menu accessibility menu
  • Tap on the floating Assistant menu icon to open power off options. It is now possible to switch off the power on your Samsung Galaxy device without using the Power button. Assistant menu to shut off Android.
  • If you own a smartphone made by Xiaomi, Redmi, Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus, Realme, or Huawei, you must activate the Accessibility menu via Accessibility. The Accessibility menu will be displayed on the navigation bar when you have enabled it. Tap it to open the option to shut off your smartphone without pressing the power button.

Remap the Power Button using Third-party App

Many third-party apps on the market allow you to change the power button’s mapping. You can download Power Button to Volume Button. Check the “boot” and “screen off’ settings, then grant permissions, and then enable the service.

Once you have set it, you can unlock your phone by pressing the notification, then turning it on by pressing the volume buttons. But, face or fingerprint unlocks may not always work, and you might need to enter your PIN or pattern to unlock your phone every time.
If you own the Samsung phone with a Bixby button, it could be mapped onto the power key with ADB with no software. We won’t, however, discuss it right now.

How do I turn the power on my Android off without using the power button?
There are many methods to turn the Android off without using the power button. You can do this by using the buttons on the home screen, the volume keys, or the Quick Settings menu.

How can I manually turn off my mobile?

Hold and press and hold the “Sleep/Wake” button located on the top of the iPhone. Keep one of the “Home” buttons on the front of the iPhone while you hold that Sleep/Wake key. Release the buttons once the iPhone’s screen goes black to turn off the device. Don’t continue to have the controls, or the device will be reset.


In the event of one of the techniques mentioned above, your phone has been turned off with no power button. But how can you turn to turn it back on? Is it possible to switch the power off of your iPhone without using a power button?

If the buttons aren’t functioning, The only solution is to charge your phone’s battery. Don’t do anything other than letting your battery drain. If the battery is low, connect the phone to the power cord, and the brand’s logo will be displayed.

In terms of ease of use, It’s crucial to keep that such options don’t work for daily use. We recommend getting your power button replaced as soon as possible to limit further harm.

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