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unicorn chef: cooking games for girls

If you’re a girl who loves cooking, there’s a good chance that you’ve played cooking games on your phone or computer. But what about when you want to cook for someone else? Or maybe you want to learn how to cook for the first time? Unicorn Chef is the perfect cooking game for girls of all ages!

Overview of the Cooking Games for Girls Series

If you’re a girl who loves cooking and playing video games, then you’ll love the Cooking Games for Girls series! These games are designed to help girls learn how to cook without the mess. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to learn new recipes or want to have some fun while cooking, these games are perfect for you!

How to Play the Games

Cooking games for girls are a great way to get them interested in cooking and nutrition. Here are six of the best Cooking Games for Girls.

1) “Cooking Dash” by Playrix: In this game, you help a young chef, Piper, cook her way through a series of challenges. From frying eggs to whipping up a storm in the kitchen, you’ll need to be quick on your feet to help Piper achieve her culinary dreams! The game is available for both Android and iOS devices. 

 2) “Crazy Chef” by Playrix: In this game, you play as an eccentric chef who must prepare special dishes in record time. The faster you cook, the more points you earn. Can you impress your crazy friends and become the best Crazy Chef around? The game is available for both Android and iOS devices. 

 3) “Kitchen Dreams” by Playrix: This game is all about becoming a top chef. You start by creating a menu for your restaurant, and then it’s up to you to make sure it’s delicious! You’ll need to work with different ingredients and organize your

Recipes from the Cooking Games for Girls Series

The Cooking Games for Girls series is a video game set that teaches young girls about kitchen techniques and cooking recipes. The games are based on the traditional Japanese cooking game, Cooking Mama.

The first Cooking Games for Girls game was released in 2013, and three more games followed it in 2014. The latest game in the series is Cooking Mama: Happy Home Designer, released in 2018.

All Cooking Games for Girls games are available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. You can play them with one or two players. In each game, you play as one of four different girls, and you need to cook dishes from a particular category (such as Italian food or Indian food).

There are also mini-games in each game that you can play after you complete the main cooking sections. These mini-games vary in difficulty, but they usually involve completing various challenges such as cooking a dish quickly or using specific ingredients.

If you’re a cooking video game fan, you should definitely check out the Cooking Games for Girls series!

Why Cooking Games Matter

When it comes to girls, there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to video games. However, cooking games are a great way to engage girls and teach them various culinary techniques. This is important because, as the world becomes more and more diverse, it is important for girls to have access to a variety of career options.

One of the best things about cooking games is that they are not just for kids. Many adults find them enjoyable as well. This is partly because most cooking games are designed with male and female players. In addition, many of the newer titles feature high-quality graphics and intuitive controls, making them perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to cook.

So if you’re looking for a fun way to teach your daughter about cooking or explore new culinary possibilities, check out one of these games!

What to Look for in a Good Cooking Game

One of the great things about cooking games for girls is that they can teach a lot about food and nutrition without even realizing it. There are many different cooking games available, so deciding which one to try can be hard. Here are some tips for picking the right game for your daughter.

First, consider what your daughter likes. Some games are designed for younger children, while others are aimed at an older audience. If your daughter is young, she may enjoy playing a game that requires no more than simply pointing and clicking. Older kids may prefer games with more challenging objectives or storylines.

Second, consider the cooking style you think your daughter might be interested in. Realistic cooking games immerse players in the kitchen as they cook meals from scratch, and puzzle games challenge players to figure out how to combine various ingredients to create a dish. It’s important to find a game that suits your daughter’s interests and her level of cooking expertise!

Finally, take into account the age rating of the game. Games that have an age rating of 12 or up generally offer more challenging gameplay than

Our Top Picks of the Best Cooking Games for Girls

Cooking games are a great way for girls to learn about cooking and food and have some fun. Whether a beginner or a seasoned chef, there’s a cooking game for you! Here are our top picks of the best cooking games for girls:

1. Cook, Cook, Cook! by Food Network: This game is perfect for beginners, as it guides you through basic cooking steps. You can also compete with your friends to see who can make the best dishes!

2. Cooking Dash by Gameloft: In this game, you play as a chef in a restaurant and must cook delicious meals for your customers. The game is challenging but fun, and you can even create your recipes.

3. Chef’s Challenge by Playrix: In this game, you play as a head chef at a prestigious restaurant. You must manage your staff and cook amazing meals to impress your guests. With over 100 levels to complete, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

4. Cooking Academy by Playrix: In this game, you play as one of several students who attend the Cooking Academy. You must complete various challenges

What is a unicorn chef?

A unicorn chef is a cook who specializes in cooking games specifically for girls. They often have colorful and fun-themed recipes, and their food is often praised for its taste and nutritional value.

What are cooking games for girls?

Cooking games for girls are fun and easy to learn how to cook. They are also an enjoyable way to spend time with your friends. Here are some of the best cooking games for girls:

Cooking Academy: This cooking game is one of the most popular cooking games for girls. In this game, you help a young girl learn how to cook various recipes. The game is divided into several levels, and you can progress through the levels by completing challenges.

Grandma’s Kitchen: This cooking game is based on a real-life recipe book that your grandmother probably used to make her famous meals. In this game, you help Grandma prepare various meals from her classic recipes.

KitchenAid Cookware: In this cooking game, you help a young girl learn how to use the different features of KitchenAid cookware. The game has five different stages, and each stage has several challenges that you must complete to progress.

Cooking Fever: This cooking game is based on the popular TV show Cooking for Friends. In this game, you help a group of friends cook various dishes from different countries. You can choose which dish to cook and then try to guess what the

How do I make my games unicorn Chef?

Making games for girls is a tricky task. It has to be engaging and fun but also educational. If you want to create a game specifically for girls, unicorn Chef may be the perfect option!

This cooking game is easy to introduce young girls to culinary basics. Players must help the unicorn chef cook up some delicious meals to receive stars on the chef’s star rating board. There are several different menus to choose from, so your daughters can explore a variety of dishes.

In addition to cooking, players must also tidy up the kitchen after each meal. This can be challenging, but it’s a great way to teach responsibility and good hygiene habits. Plus, it looks great on the chef’s star rating board!

If you’re looking for an engaging and fun cooking game for your daughter, unicorn Chef is worth considering.


Cooking games for girls can be a fun and educational way to spend some time in the kitchen. These games teach young girls healthy eating, cooking techniques, and more. They are also great ways to encourage creativity and problem-solving skills. So if you’re looking for a way to get your daughter interested in cooking – or just trying something new – check out some of the unicorn chef cooking games available online.

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