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What Are The 7 Extra Books in The Catholic bible

Martin Luther was a topic of debate during the 16th century. One Catholic believed that Martin Luther was a “demon who resembled the man”. One Catholic who first challenged Luther’s theology later declared, “He alone is correct!”

A little over 500 years after his death, the verdict is nearly all-in favour of the right. All Catholics and Protestants believe that he was correct about many things and had a profound impact on Western historical events.

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Film Focus Film Focus: In this video, Dr Taylor Marshall answers the frequently asked question, “Why do the Catholic canon contain more books than those in the Protestant canon?” He discusses the background of the canons of Scriptures, beginning with Josephus and going through the various Church councils that established the Catholic doctrine. Additionally, he provides many examples of instances where the Deuterocanonical texts were deemed canonical by the first Church Fathers.

The texts were in Greek and were not Hebrew, which means they can’t be included in the Jewish canon.

This assertion is untrue when we’ve discovered Hebrew or Aramaic origins for a majority of the deuterocanonical texts. Additionally, since the whole New Testament was written in Greek, The language of the book says more about the book than its contents.

In their original Hebrew, Tobit And Wisdom are discovered in The Dead Sea scrolls, which contradicts the belief that they were all composed in Greek.

Are there any additional books included in the Catholic Bible?

A: These are the books that can be found inside the Catholic Old Testament are called “apocryphal” (Gr: “apokruphos”) books written by Protestants that mean “hidden” and “concealed.” Catholics generally refer to them as “deuterocanonical” (2nd canon). “Protocanonical” refers to all the works of the Old Testament (39 books), which are the only ones that all Christians have believed to be God-inspired throughout time. These are the same books that comprise”the” Hebrew Bible or Jewish Canon. Deuterocanonical books, however, are those which were not initially thought to be inspired; however, they were later deemed in the sense of the Roman Catholic Church during the Council of Trent on April 8th 1546 (in part because of the Protestant Reformation started by Martin Luther in 1517, and who also died on Feb . 18 1546). (Note The council declared that those who refused to accept these books as scriptures ought to be “anathema” (or cursed)).

They weren’t part of the canon accepted by Jews and therefore were not recognized by Jews before Christ.

This is both true as well as false. When it was the time of the Reformation, there was evidence to suggest that the Deuterocanonical texts were never recognized as canonical by Jews for their status as Biblical canon. However, during the times of Christ translating the Hebrew Bible into Greek, called the Septuagint, was sidle-read and recognized as a valid translation. It is believed that the Septuagint is the probable translation used by Christ himself.

The more important question is, why would Christians have their canon based on what Jews in the 16th century considered to be canonical? If we found our canon on this, none of the New Testament would be acceptable. In the end, Jews are not Christians.

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