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What Does HBU Mean

If you’ve ever had a small conversation with someone online, then you’ve probably encountered the term “HBU.” This article will go over the meaning behind this Internet slang expression, what it is, and how to can use it in conversations.

HBU generally refers to “How Are You?” It is also a reference to “Houston Baptist University.” Here are more details about the various definitions for HBU, as well as examples of its use.

What is the meaning of HBU refer to?

How-to Geek, the acronym HBU is “how do you feel” or “how do you feel.” It is slang for asking someone “how are you” and is usually employed when someone has asked you an inquiry. The person asking the question will respond by asking your friend the question back. You’ll often encounter this abbreviation when surfing the internet as well as in texts on websites such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

The abbreviation HBU is part of the category of acronyms and slang. Hence, ensure that you do not utilize the text message abbreviation HBU in official settings. Keep it in mind for IM such as AOL Instant Messenger, forums, SMS texting on mobile phones, or any other device. If you are unsure, make sure to use HBU in its complete sense. HBU and not its short version or abbreviation term. HBU is used to convey the message in these ways. Imagine them as texts and Social media DMs.

Person 1: Suh bro, WYD?

Person 2: Working on my topic for the paper and the bibliography. HBU?

Based on The Free Dictionary, HBU could mean a lot more than how you are. However, although these alternative definitions still hold, they are not used as often.

What About You?

HBU means “how are you doing?” or “how ’bout you?” People often use this expression to reply to inquire about how they’re doing. In reality, it’s normal during a conversation to give details about yourself and then ask questions about the other person and so on.

For instance, if a person inquires about your health and you’re unsure, you can reply: “I’m ok, hbu?”

The term is commonly employed in text messages. It can be expressed in upper- and lowercase letters, but you’ll find it more often in lowercase (hbu).

It is also utilized when you are chatting with many people. However, a plural word is typically used when talking to multiple people, such as “hbu people” as well as “hbu all.”

HBU definition

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