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what does sussy baka mean?

A powerful organization uses thousands of phrases worldwide to relay its messages to members. Non-members of these organizations will not be able to comprehend the context of these phrases. Today, television shows are the largest source of entertainment for the general population.

They must keep delivering the same high-quality content to the public. Therefore, they must develop the interest of the public in all plots. This will increase public engagement with the shows. The social media world is another way to get familiar with many details.

This is why we should look closely at Sussy Baka’s meaning.

What is a Sussy Baka, you ask?

It’s always a good idea for people to know their memes. What is the origin of this combination? Deku, an actor from My Hero Academia, was the one who started it all. Deku!! Why do you act like a Baka? Deku!! You are acting like a Baka ?!”.. Bakugo wasn’t there this time, but he would surely love this moment in the Akeam Francis TikTok stream.

After some time, a TikToker identifying himself as Nyatsumii uploaded the following snippet. This video was posted from the live stream of the same platform and gained 1.7million views within a month. The phrase has appeared on numerous TikTok covers. Akeem replied to a comment, asking him to repeat the exact phrase but adding a word called “Sussy.” Thus was born the new phrase. Deku became a Sussy Baka. But what does this mean?

What does sussy bake mean?

Now, you’ve been called the “sassiest” Baka online. Before you respond with something worse, you need to understand what they are saying. It’s a strange one.

“Sussy” and “us” are terms used in the video game Among Us to describe someone who is shifty or suspicious. Baka, on the other hand, means “fool” in Japanese. The meme seems to have taken the meaning of sussy-baka and made it more ambiguous.

TikTok Akeam France popularized this phrase after he created a few videos. First, he included the term “baka” in one video and then added “sussy” as above. And the audio boomed:

Sussy Baka-The Netizen’s Terms

A strange phrase called Sussy Baka has become a recurring topic among Tik Tokers. This makes them wonder about the Sussy Baka’s origin, meaning, and a few examples. The Internet has been curious that Sussy Baka is almost a famous phrase on TikTok and other social media platforms. The Sussy Baka was something different than most terms or phrases whose meanings can easily be deduced. We have put together the Sussy Baka meaning, origin, and a few examples to help explain what this new phrase means.

What is the wrong meaning of uwu?

We may be used to mean “rape me” by some deranged people. Furries also use OwO as a similar term to indicate that they notice males’ genitals.

How can I become an uwu-girl?

For uwu, visualize an anime girl’s smile when she’s happy or spots a cute, cold-but-cute tsundere. The two u’s indicate closed eye while the mouth is open and forming a ‘w.’ The emoticon represents warmth and comfort with a hint of blush.


A “suspicious person” is sometimes called a “sussy baja.”

These two words, sus & Baka, have been combined to create this slang phrase. Most people who play the video game Among Us know us and sussy baka.

The game Among Us allows players to take on the role of a Crewmate or Imposter, who is pretending to be a crewmate. Crewmates are required to work together to finish the missions.

Often, imposters are accused of playing the game Among Us if they act suspiciously. You can also accuse them of sussy bakas if you engage in deceitful actions that make it clear that they are not real.

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