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what does wyo mean in texting

Are you curious about what WYO means in texting? No worries, we have the answers for you in this article! We’re going to explain what it means and provide you with some examples of how to use it…

What does WYO Mean in Texting?

WYO is an acronym for “what you on?”. This phrase is quite simple, and it is used when you want to ask someone what’s up. It is often used when texting with a romantic interest. You ask them what they are doing and if they want to do something together. This phrase originated from hip-hop slang.

What does WYO stand for?

WYO is a texting slang that stands for “what you on?” According to Urban Dictionary, this term asks someone if they have plans and would like to do an activity or hang out. It can also ask someone what they’re doing while catching up. In this context, the meaning of WYO changes to more of a greeting, like “how’s it going?” or “what are you up to?” This phrase is commonly used while texting or on social media sites like Snapchat or Instagram.

What Does WYO Mean?

WYO means “What You On?” and is another way to inquire about someone’s plans. Examples of this term are “What are you up to?” or “What plans do you have for the day?”

What are the Origins of WYO?

The exact origins of the acronym WYO can’t be traced. However, its wide use was started back in 2015 with the rapid growth of technology and people chatting more via text messages and social media. Later, the acronym was formally accepted as slang and incorporated into the Urban Dictionary’s website in 2017.

Some Synonyms of the WYO:

Several synonyms can be used instead of WYO. A few examples include “Sup,” “What’s up?”, “whassup,” “whaddup,” “How are you?”, How’s it going? “, What’s happening?” and ‘How’s it Hanging?”. The users can decide when to use WYO or other synonyms based on the form of communication. WYO is one of the most innovative ways to get straight to the point. However, it is only appropriate in particular situations.

How Can WYO Be Used in A Sentence?

WYO can be used in online communication between friends and family. There are many ways that the term can be used in a sentence, but it is commonly used to greet somebody. Another way the time can be used is to ask someone what they do and if they want to do anything together.

Some other acronyms similar to WYO

Here are some similar acronyms to help you spice up your everyday conversations with friends and family on Snapchat.


WYD stands for ‘What’re you doing and is a way for people to ask what is up with someone on Snapchat. There are dedicated stickers and cameos for this acronym that should help you make the most out of it on Snapchat.


LMK stands for ‘Let me Know’ and is used to ask for updates or finish conversations. It is usually used in casual deals and classifieds where you would be meeting up with someone for an online listing. LMK is also used to update plans to someone and then ask their opinion on the same.


Snapchat has introduced new funky filters that will make your face look like you are doing some crazy actions. These are known as Cameos.

You can use Cameos when sending WYO to your friends.

All you need to do is type the word WYO in the text field and tap the ‘Cameo’ button on the right-hand side of the screen.


So that was all for WYO meaning in text and its usage in a sentence. Now that you know the purpose of this popular texting abbreviation, you can use it during online conversations with your friends.

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