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What Is Issuing Authority In Passport

Pakistani passports (Urdu, the name is pastry, which means paper) can be described as passports issued by the Government of Pakistan to Pakistani citizens and nationals to serve reasons for international travel. They are issued through the Directorate General of Immigration & Passports (DGIP) from the Ministry of Interior at regional passport offices and Pakistani embassies. From the 1st of January, 2014, Pakistani passports are valid for up to 10 and 5 years. According to the national law, Pakistani passports are not valid for travel to Israel. However, Pakistanis may travel to Israel upon confirmation by the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Pakistani passports are machine-readable as well as biometric. Before 2004, Pakistani passports contained the bearer’s details written in hand and the passport photo stuck to the cover; since 2004, passports have carried identity details written on both the front and back end of the surface, along with both pages laminated to stop any illegal modification. Since 2004, Pakistan began issuing biometric passports, which were not in compliance with United Nations’ ICAO standards since they didn’t have a “chip inside” () “chip inside” symbol (). 4. Pakistani passports are issued by the DGIP headquarters in Islamabad, Islamabad’s capital. [5]

On the 30th of March, 2022, then-Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the launch of an electronic passport service. It has 29 new security options included. The e-passport service was initially only available to diplomatic and official government employees. The issue of ordinary electronic passports was approved on the evening of the 30th of December 2022 and issued from the 1st of January 2023. But, during the first period of production, these passports will be only given to citizens of Islamabad, and residents can request access at the Directorate General of Immigration & Passports Headquarters, which is situated in Islamabad. On the 22nd of January 2023, the passports are currently only available to the citizens of Islamabad by the DGI&P headquarters.


The Passport Act of 1974 and the Passport and Visa Manual (1974) govern the issue of Pakistani passports. It is the Government of Pakistan issues three kinds of tickets to their citizens:

Diplomatic passports – given through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to diplomats and other types. The exterior colour of the cover for this type of passport is red. [9]
Official passports — given for senators, members of the National Assembly, Provincial ministers, judges from the Supreme Court of Pakistan and high courts, police officers working in the administrations when away in official duties, and other government officials. The colour of the outer cover of this type of passport is blue. [10]
Ordinary passports for normal Pakistani citizens. The outer colour of the passport’s cover style is green. [citation needed]


Pakistan began issuing E-Passport in 2023. [11] E-Passports are an extremely secure travel document. It contains an embedded electronic chip in one of the pages on the passport that is used to save biometric information on the owner. The chip is stuffed with information confirming that the person holding the ticket is who they claim to be. The data includes the biometrics of the passport holder, personal details in the data section of the passport, and a unique identification number and digital signature. An electronic ticket has a non-contact (NFC) chip, which can be scanned electronically. The new e-Passports that have been launched in Pakistan comply with those of the United Nations ICAO standards.

Types that have been discontinued

Pakistan previously issued a unique Hajj passport for Pakistani residents who took part in the Islamic pilgrimage referred to in the tradition of Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. They are no longer valid, however, so regular Pakistani passports can now be used to make this trip. Before Pakistan’s independence, a British Indian Passport was used.

UK Passport Issuing Authority Question on Renewal Form
“What is your passport issuing authority?” This question is asked in the UK passport application or renewal form and often confuses prospective applicants.

What do you choose for the UK Passport Issuing Authority?

It is a simple fact that the phrase ‘UKPA’, UKPS, IPS or HMPO is typically the most appropriate for British-born UK Citizens.

To verify this, glance at the photograph page on your passport’s right section to see the passport’s issuing authority.

What does this mean?

UKPA, UKPS, IPS or HMPO.IPS was the Identity and Passport Service between 2006 and 2013. (The Identity and Passport Service was changed to Her Majesty’s Passport Office on the 13th of May 2013).

IPS is an Identity and Passport Service from the year 2006 until 2013. (The Identity and Passport Service was changed to Her Majesty’s Passport Office on the 13th of May 2013).
UKPS was known as the United Kingdom Passport Service (An earlier name before Her Majesty’s Passport Office).
UKPA used to be one of the UK Passport agencies (A previous name was used before Her Majesty’s Passport Office).
HMPO is now the “HM Passport Office”, also known as His. Her Majesty’s Passport Office” since the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

What is the best time to tick ‘other when I should tick ‘other’?

The passport holders who were issued through Agencies like those at the Hong Kong passport office, or Gibraltar or Gibraltar, etc., would check “other”.

If you need help determining the best option for your situation, contact us to speak with one of our experienced British liaison experts, who can assist with the best option for you.

Are you renewing the validity of your British Passport from the USA? Find out all the information you require.

What is the present UK passport authority?

HM Passport Office is the sole issuer of UK passports and is accountable for the civil registration service via the General Register Office.

If you’re looking for more information concerning British Passport renewal requirements, go to our section on FAQs.

Why use U.K.ABROAD?

  • This British passport renewal is a bit complex, and the Passport Office is known for the strictness of its standards as well as regular rejections for tiny errors.
  • For added insult, the HM Passport Office does not provide refunds under any conditions.
  • U.K.ABROAD’s staff of British passport experts will guide you in renewing your UK passport. We will ensure that your application is properly filled out so that you save time and money.
  • We’ll thoroughly review the application forms to ensure they’re 100% compliant. Also, we will ensure that the passport image you upload aligns with standards set by the British passport office’s stringent requirements.
  • We utilize our reliable and accredited courier service to mail in the passport you used to have and will avoid any delays or even loss in your renewal procedure.
  • The new British passport will arrive at your door within a few weeks.
  • The only thing you have to do is to fill out our quick online application form, which is available on this page.

Independently operated 2008, since 2008, we’ve helped many British citizens with passport renewals, passport applications, and replacements. We specialize in passport applications made from outside the country.

Passport country

The country code of the passport typically appears on the same paper as the photo of the individual.

This is different from the country where the passport was sought and accepted.

The country selected for the passport number must correspond to the number printed on the paper on which the individual’s photograph is situated.

The passport’s nationality is similar to the passport’s country in a limited situation.


  1. Japanese passports issued by Tokyo, Japan
    The country of the passport is Japan JPN JPN
  2. Japanese passports issued by the Japanese Embassy of Australia
    The country of the passport is Japan JPN JPN
  3. Printed the passport’s code is GBR
    Passport country: United Kingdom – British Citizen GBR GBR
  4. Macau passports issued by China
    The country of the passport is Macau SAR MAC
    Passport nationality: China
  5. China issues Hong Kong passport
    Passport country: Hong Kong SAR – HKG
    The passport’s nationality: China

The application process for the Dutch passport if you are outside of the Netherlands
Dutch residents who live outside of the Netherlands may request an identity or passport from many consulates and embassies located out of the Netherlands and from various municipal offices within the Netherlands.

What is the reason I require identification cards or a passport?

The passport, also known as an identity card, is a valid proof of identity. It is also a legal travel document used in any country. It can have visa stamps good for specific nations. Identity cards issued are predominantly identity cards. However, it also permits Dutch residents to move within European Union (EU) Member States and other European nations.

Where do I go to get a new ID card or passport?

If you are a Dutch resident, you can request a passport or identification card at the majority of Dutch embassies, as well as at some consulates in other countries outside the Netherlands. The applicant must make an appointment before you can apply. Information on appointment times and opening hours is available on the personal websites of each diplomatic mission out of the Netherlands.

The application for an emergency passport, or laissez-passer, in the nearest Dutch consular diplomatic post outside the Netherlands (embassies consulates, consulates-general and Honorary consulates).

What documentation do I require to bring along

To apply for a fresh travel permit, you must visit the consulate or embassy to confirm your identity. This is also true for your children. The application must be filled out and signed with a current image showing a genuine photo.

It is also necessary to show proof that you have Dutch citizenship. If you are unsure about citizenship, the consulate or embassy staff cannot provide the required documents. Suppose you’re a Burgerservicenumber (also known as a BSN (citizen service number) and the Dutch diplomatic office in another country issues your travelling document. In that case, your BSN will appear in the official letters you receive. Furthermore, you must present all Dutch and international travel documents to the authorities for examination.

For information on the other documents required, go to the website of the embassy and consulate if you are planning to submit a request to obtain an entry permit.

The process of obtaining a passport replacement or ID card

Identity cards and passports for new citizens are made from the Netherlands and then delivered to the consulate or embassy you’ve applied to. Thus, the processing of your application can take a few weeks.

The consulate or embassy will notify you when it is time to pick up your passport and identity card. The best way to collect it is on your own unless there are particular reasons you cannot legally be expected to, such as your travel distance or your mobility being impaired. If so, the new identity or passport can be mailed to your provided address. You must, however, agree to this before submitting your application. This arrangement is only valid on the basis that the postal service is reliable as well as safe. It is completely at your own risk and expense.

SOP for Official Passport

As per SOP, the designated Officer of the concerned Ministry/Division/Dept. Must forward the letter of recommendation via their appointed representative to issue an official passport to an official/officer. The letter should mention the reason for travel, the dates and durations, and the destinations to be visited. The following documentation will accompany the letter:
CNIC is the official Pass/Card issued by the person applying and the authorized Officer.
Attested copy of the final course/training/posting/deputation/secondment selection letter.

Every last passport is issued by the person applying.

The Directorate General of Immigration & Passports can issue an authorization to the relevant RPO/Foreign Mission according to the address of the person applying, with a notification sent to the authority that is recommending.
The applicant should visit the Passport Office/Foreign Mission to capture information and a photograph with an authorization note signed by the Directorate General and CNIC. Directorate General and CNIC, the last visa (if issued) with its originals and duplicates. Official passports are issued within four days.

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