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What is The Longest Video on Youtube

When YouTube reduced the duration for uploading videos in December and allowed the upload of videos with any duration. I’m sure they didn’t expect users to upload a video that could take between 23 and 19 hours to view; however, this is the exact thing Jonathan Harchick of Moldy Toaster Media did in. Harchick has made and published the largest YouTube video ever uploaded, which runs 571 hours, one min and 31 seconds. Harchick states, “I challenge anyone to try and make a longer video.”

The video, consisting of a slide display of images from Harchick’s visit to Chile in 2002, might not be the most appealing to watch, but who will go through a whole 571-hour film anyway. Harchick stated to The Huffington Post that his goal was not to create an artful masterpiece. “To myself, the issue was the compression. The length of a film on YouTube will require a significant amount of compression, as YouTube’s limit is 20 gigabytes. There’s a lot involved in this, and I’m not sure if those who are tech-savvy will appreciate that effort.” For tech nerds, you might want to take a seat to read this latest news item. The video is just 549 megabytes! That’s why the images appear blurry.

Is there the longest YouTube video you’ve ever seen?

Jonathan Harchick has created and uploaded the longest YouTube video ever with a duration of 571 hours, 1 minute and 4 seconds. Harchick says, “I challenge anyone to create the longest video.”Jul 28 31st, 2011.

Longer Videos Don’t Interest Advertisers Anymore.

Even if you comply with the guidelines and release longer videos, it does not guarantee that advertisers will flock to your YouTube channel.

While it holds the record for the longest YouTube video, the performance for the video and the Moldy Toaster Media account is not impressive to advertisers.

With more than 54,000 subscribers and 12 million view views, the longest YouTube video is a distant second to the three-minute music videos of KPOP’s group BTS or an hour-long live stream gaming video by Markiplier.

In addition, since Google is now the owner of YouTube and likely employs the same algorithm for videos, longer videos don’t necessarily mean they are great. This won’t please advertisers.

Who Would View a 24-Hour Video?

If you were honest, would you have your phone or computer on all day long and seven days a month for three and quarter weeks to view a film that lasts from beginning to finish?

You’re probably not, but there’s no need to worry.

Sure, the concept of watching the entire video with no interruption or changing the playback speed may be amusing initially, but the novelty will eventually wear off.

The appeal of a 24-hour video faded to Moldy Toaster Media after 12 million viewers.

The public will be intrigued by YouTube’s longest-running video, so search for it and click away. Advertisers do not want to waste viewers’ time on something that can’t provide views throughout the video.

What is the longest video you’ve ever seen?

The longest music video in the world has a duration of 24 hours. “Happy” is a song by Pharrell Williams, dubbed the world’s first music video that lasted for 24 hours that Guinness World Records recognize as the longest music video. The 2013 version features dancers and people miming the music and is played on loops of 360 times.

What is the shortest video game you’ve ever played?

Call of Duty Black Ops II is the game that takes the least amount of time, taking 14 hours and 48 mins which is just under one-half (0.6) of the time of a typical day. Third and second place third and fourth place are Call of Duty: Black Ops and Human: Fall Flat, which takes 16 hours and 55 minutes twenty hours and fifty-three minutes and 20 hours and 53 minutes to complete.

Who Would Watch a 24-Day Video?

If you were honest, do you think you could have your laptop or smartphone open 24 hours a day during three and quarter weeks to view a movie that’s a long time from start to end? Most likely not, and you’re not the only one.

Sure, the concept of someone watching the whole video without skipping or altering the playback speed is fun, But that excitement will fade away. In the case of Moldy Toaster Media, the attraction of a 24-day video was gone by the 12 million viewers number. Instead, the public will be intrigued by the longest-running video on YouTube and will look it up, follow the link – and advertisers wouldn’t want to spend their time with things that aren’t guaranteed to get views throughout the entire video.

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