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What To Wear To A Funeral?

High-profile, traditional, and upper-class or “formal” families may require that you dress up in a traditional funeral dress. There is an absence of dressing in any way or for certain unconventional funerals (perhaps an upcoming “celebration of the life” or an event for people who are cosplay enthusiasts). It is possible to wear vibrant, festive colors or even an outfit inspired by a superhero. We’ll discuss each one of these in the following paragraphs.

But, the majority of people attending funerals will want to show respect to the deceased as well as the family members by dressing in a manner that conveys respect and sympathy and so is most successful by following our general guideline of suggestions, guidelines, and suggestions for how to dress for funerals.

This guide to what to wear for funerals is appropriate for modern Western society; however, other cultures could differ significantly. Even within the modern Western tradition, there are plenty of variances, so it is essential to consider the customs and traditions of the deceased’s family and region, ethnicity, or religion.

What attire is appropriate for funerals?

The norm is that funeral etiquette requires that women and men dress in black clothes that are formal and respectful. Dark or black colors are the most popular; however certain cultures require mourners to dress in a different funeral color. The weather and the location of funeral services may also influence the choice of attire in determining the appropriate color, so take into consideration these factors before deciding which color to wear.

Suppose you’re attending the funeral celebration, burial in the woods, or a funeral at a different location, not a church and crematorium. In that case, you might notice that the deceased’s relatives are expecting to wear more casual attire for these events. They may ask for the use of a less formal dress or even a custom theme that they wish to follow.


Traditional funeral dress for men usually includes:

Dark suit or bright black

White long-sleeved t-shirt with an open collar

Plain black tie

Black and polished shoes

While a black suit isn’t necessarily required, muted or dark shades are usually considered acceptable. It is recommended to stay clear of short-sleeved shirts, jeans, and trainers.


Traditional funeral dress for women typically comprises:

The knee-length skirt or dress

Simple and stylish

Cardigan or Blazer

Smart shoes

Dark or muted colors

Like men’s funeral dress, however, black attire is not always required for women, but it is recommended to wear a dark skirt or dress trousers. The best option is to pick an outfit with the appropriate length and avoid wearing visible clothing.

Simple Tips

Black is a timeless color that is appropriate for any occasion.

It is acceptable to wear black clothing so long as it’s not brightly colored.

Dresses and shirts should be covered up to the neck. There should be no open collars.

The pants or dresses should cover the knees. There should be no miniskirts or shorts.

Do not wear flip-flops or athletic footwear.

In casual settings, T-shirts can be suitable – however, avoid the wild prints, logos, and other such things.

Have a formal jacket in your closet; this essential feature can make a variety of outfits acceptable!

Dress in a subdued manner and color as you don’t wish to distract attention from the person who died.

Wear the same clothes you wear to church or for a job interview

A final note about funeral attire…

Another point to remember Do not stress over this. As long as you’ve put into doing so and are professional, nobody will care that your outfit for your funeral isn’t the perfect fit. They won’t even know! It’s all about the person who died. It’s not enough to say your condolences and help the family.

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