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when the enemy comes in like a flood

Every season has seasons, but the enemy arrives like a flood and ruins everything. It’s simple to look at the world and realize how difficult to be overwhelmed by the turbulent waters, the winds, and the rain. Being in a “flood” time feels like it’s draining you of your emotional and spiritual power, but this is not the case if you continuously replenish your soul. Connecting with your Spirit of God is what keeps your head above the water. This involves being in His presence in worship, establishing your faith by relying on His Word and interacting with Him in daily prayer. The seas can be a thing of the past, but they don’t need to take your life away when your faith in the Solid Rock grounds you!

Isaiah delivered a prophecy of the Lord regarding Jesus Christ, the Redeemer from Zion, Jesus Christ saying, “…when the enemy will come into the world like a flood God’s Spirit of the Lord will raise the standard to the enemy.” (Isaiah 60:19) The phrase “when” guarantees that the enemy will enter and attempt to shake your faith with all sorts of troubles and on all sides and throughout the world, by presenting the conspiracy theory and “wars and reports of wars” however, he is not as powerful as the Lord! The biggest lie that the enemy will attempt to convince you to believe is that he’s more powerful than Lord over the Flood!

Know The Spiritual Basis of The Attack

In the first place, you have to be aware that when you face an attack, it’s spiritual in origin and nature. We are often susceptible to looking at a situation or its people and considering them as enemies. They might be tools for the enemies; however, they are spiritual enemies, not physical.

Your adversaries are not financial, people, or obstacles of any nature. The root of the problem is a spiritual plan that is determined to prevent your doing the actions you’re doing that are contradicting the Kingdom of darkness.

When the enemy comes with a Flood, Matthew Henry’s concise commentary
The passage 59:16-21 is linked to the following chapters. It is thought to be a reference to the arrival of the Messiah as the Avenger and the Deliverer for his Church. There was no one to pray with God to stop his wrath and none to ask God to protect truth and justice.

However, he enlisted his power and justice for his people. God will bring justice to the adversaries of his people, and Church appears. If the enemy threatens to slay everyone without a plan, the Spirit of God will hinder him and put him on the run.

Use spiritual weapons to stop the Attack.

Then, you must realize that our fight tools aren’t physical but are spiritual. (2 Cor. 10:4) If you’re going to engage in a spiritual battle, it is essential to employ practical tools in the spiritual realm.

These weapons include prayer, fasting, and the words of God. If you’re fighting an inner battle, it is essential to intensify your devotion and eat less and delve into the scriptures of God for direction as well as the growth of the faith.

Don’t attempt to win this battle using human logic and strategies. Instead, let God the Lord triumph in this war on your behalf. Your Holy Spirit will raise”the “battle standard” against him.

Standard was an ancient English word used in battles when the flag or standard was raised, and it was a signal to all troops to gather at that moment. A bar is the Hebrew phrase “Nuwc” refers to flying (to the point of Attack) on horses.

The Coming Salvation

After a series of promises and curses, this verse changes the course in the last chapters of Isaiah amid the imminent “day of the Lord” being announced. It was thought to mean the day when restoration of the Kingdom was promised, and all oppression would be a thing of the past. It was believed that the people were protected from the invaders, they would steadfastly put their hearts and minds back to God, and He would establish them in the land and within His heart always.

We can take advantage of the beautiful promise in this passage and anticipate an upcoming day with the Lord as Christians can be assured of the salvation promised by Jesus Christ, the Messiah from God. Jesus Christ – Whom Isaiah has promised as Emmanuel, God with us, was crucified in the crucified body to bear for the penalty for our sins. The payment rushed into our lives to save us and wash away our sins. The power of this sacrifice will defeat the forces of Satan and safeguard us from the abyss of darkness that surrounds us and entices us to be in despair.

For more information and assistance, visit the following websites. 59:19&version=KJV

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