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Where Do Gnats Come From

Fungus gnats seem out of nowhere. If you’re asking how gnats are born, it’s certainly surely nature. Not magic. It may additionally appear magical even as your own home or employer is insect-loose for one 2nd, and dozens of tiny flies show up with no warning. To maintain infestations at bay, you’ll want to discover the bugs, observe why they get interior and discover a way to eliminate gnats.

What gnats look like

Gnats are small, winged insects which is probably dark brown and feature long, skinny bodies. They’re about 1 / 4 of an inch lengthy. They appear to be small flies however can’t fly properly. Fungus gnats, some specific types of a gnat, are black and function with lengthy legs.

Gnats fly in big numbers and regularly occupy soil and first-rate moist regions. Though they’re now not constantly risky, gnats are difficult to put off and are a nuisance. This is why belongings proprietors want to understand how to cast off gnats from their outdoor and domestic right now and for suitability.


Depending on the species, these insects can be located in several locations. Two essential factors are of key significance – meals and moisture. Some “gnats” bite and feed on blood, while others feed on bugs, decaying herbal fabric, or flora.


The forms of flying insects maximum humans speak with as gnats are very small – normally smaller than a mosquito. That stated, it doesn’t take hundreds of openings around your home for them to discover a manner inside. Gaps around domestic home windows and doors, holes in the window suggests, and openings around in which software strains input your house all offer a smooth front for these worrying pests.


It’s now not great for youngsters and pets that may be critically harmed when they ingest mouse poison, and it’s any person or animal. Fortunately, maximum adults have the good revel in not ingesting some elements categorized as “dangerous,” but accidents do appear. For these reasons, it’s mainly encouraged that any rodenticide used not handiest be registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; however, it’s far positioned via way of a pest management expert, and all label commands are followed to the letter.

Inside the residence, as their call implies, you’ll find fruit flies hovering around trash cans and different places where decaying fruits and vegetables are located. These flies also are interested in liquor and beer. Outside the residence, they’ll be generally positioned around fruit trees and vegetable gardens.

Are gnats risky?

While it’s correct to say that gnats bite, it’s vital to observe that the period “gnat” includes several species beneath one favored label. This overly inclusive grouping refers to any small, winged insect collectively with biting midges, sewer flies, fruit flies, drain flies, and black flies. Some of those tiny pests can chunk; however, not all sorts of gnats have mouthparts that permit them to penetrate the pores, pores, and skin.

How Do Gnat Infestations Start?

Typically, gnats will input your house from the out of doors through cracks or holes to your basis, walls, home windows, or doors. Gnats often infest trash cans, rotten fruit, and fantastic wet locations in which decomposing herbal recall exists. They can additionally be decided near sinks, drains, and bathrooms.

Use Fruit

Since gnats are regularly found circling overripe fruit, use that fruit to draw them to a location lure; instead of creating a lure with a homemade answer, region slices of the fruit in a container blanketed with plastic wrap (like cited above). If you recognize they’re already interested in the sweet, decaying fruit nectar, they’re positive to get trapped inside the field.

Sanitize Drains

Drains and rubbish disposals are frequently common areas of gnat interest. To get rid of drain flies from feeding on decaying cloth to your pipes, strive to pour the ones at-home answers down the drain:

  • One cup of bleach, diluted
  • Equal additives of, as a minimum, a half cup of salt, baking soda, and vinegar — then rinse with boiling water.
  • Plain boiling water, two times consistent with the week

The backside line on gnats

Gnats are bothersome, commonplace family pests that can be drawn to humid regions and rotting food. To hold them out of your private home, take away something that attracts gnats, including rotting fruit, bad amazing potting soil, grimy dishes, and rotting trash. Setting a sticky gnat lure or a home cure herbal gnat trap also can lessen numbers and infestations as you deal with the hassle.

Gnats also are drawn to terrible soil with insufficient drainage outside. To treat the problem, aerate your lawn every 12 months, update terrible soil with clean soil, and look at a pest killer to the floor.

How to Get Rid of Gnats

Now that we understand how gnats form, the remarkable way to treat a fungus gnat problem is to cast off any conditions where they’ll thrive. Simple actions like warding off overwatering and clearing out vain foliage in plant bins move an extended way towards getting rid of those flies. Florists and nursery personnel want to be vigilant in getting rid of gnats so customers don’t purchase infested merchandise.

Prevent excess moisture in houses and groups by solving plumbing leaks and thoroughly cleansing up any water left behind. Wring out mops thoroughly so they don’t appeal to gnats. Outdoors, keep panorama bedding below 3 inches thick so it can dry out nicely after rainfall.

Many self-made and business traps must be had to cope with minor fungus gnat issues. Contact Western Pest Services’ expert experts for assistance when dealing with greater extreme infestations.

Our Conclusion

Homeowners who desire to maintain time and frustration can art work with an expert pest management company. The This Old House Reviews Team evaluated every important pest control agency inside the corporation and decided that Terminix and Orkin offer a nice provider to proprietors throughout the USA.

Both agencies will implement a custom-designed treatment plan for your private home and teach you strategies to prevent a future infestation. We usually advocate getting costs from a minimum group to ensure you get an amazing service price.

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