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where to buy dog halloween costumes

Halloween evening is not just for us humans seeking out sweet treats and fun events. It’s a time for our furry companions too! This is why, when picking our Halloween costume for this year’s celebration or night of trick-or-treating, the most spooky evening of the year couldn’t have been complete without our furry companions dressed in a fun and adorable costume for dogs! Dress them as a UPS dog, a cute Pupachino, or even as Michael Myers. You can also get imaginative by dressing in a Halloween best friend costume with your pet (Batman and Robin, perhaps?). Be prepared to make everyone’s eyes turn when your dog walks down the streets – their cuteness will be at a new level!

We are happy to share some of the most adorable costumes for dogs that are suitable and appropriate for small dog breeds, medium-sized breeds of dogs, and even larger dog breeds. While shopping, take measurements of your dog before purchasing to ensure the costume will fit comfortably. Measure the neck (snug as the collar) as well as across your chest (at the widest point) and along the back (from the bottom of the neck down to the tip of the tail). Even if breeds are listed on the sizing charts, it’s best to measure your dog. If your dog seems unhappy while you put it on, leave it. If they can’t breathe easily and walk around or use the bathroom, get off the costume as soon as possible. Avoid wearing clothing that has dangling objects that could be swallowed. Also, don’t color your fur, and don’t leave your pet without supervision dressed in costumes.

How to Measure Your Dog

The first step is to be aware of your dog’s measurements before purchasing or designing an outfit. It is recommended to know the American Kennel Club says the three primary measurements you must take are neck, chest, and back.


  1. Measure the most significant portion of your dog’s chest while standing up.
  2. Place a measuring cloth in front of the legs through the rib cage.
  3. Ensure you leave enough space to allow one finger between the tape and the dog’s body.

Neck Measurement: This is pretty easy to measure if your dog has the collar (you can measure your collar’s length). You can also use an old-fashioned measuring tape that you can wrap around your neck, starting from the midpoint of your shoulder blades until the highest point of your chest and returning to the other side.

Back Measure the spine from the neck’s bottom to the end of the tail. Do not lift the measuring tape into the air! Move it along the spine to get an even more precise measurement.

Head: A few of the costumes listed on this list are simply headpieces or hats. For these measurements, start at the highest point of your dog’s head and move to the lower part of the chin.

Where Can you Buy the Best Dog Halloween Costumes?

There are many locations where you can purchase costumes from. If you’re looking for more options or in desperate need, there are plenty of choices at Amazon or Walmart within this post. In addition, Petco and PetSmart online and in-store have excellent options…and too. If you’re looking to shop at a store, you can go to the local pet store, and you’re likely to find they have a variety of costumes for you to pick from!

The Best Halloween Costumes for dogs and Humans

Bubble Bath Dog and Owner Costume

You can take an individual bather, while your companion could be an actual bath, or your pet could be an inflatable rubber duck!

Banana dog costume

Your dog will go crazy with this cute banana costume that is low maintenance. You can make it an attractive Halloween costume by doing an asymmetrical split with your dog’s furry friend to create a unique banana split.

Mary Poppins” Costumes

The family costume is flawless in all ways.

Dog and Owner Game of Thrones Costume

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? If so, then you’ll be awestruck by this idea for a costume: dress in white hair as Daenerys. Then you can add a puppy with “dragon wings” to complete the appearance.

Teddy dog bear costume

We’re sure that your pet is as sweet as it can be. Display their sweet aspect by dressing them in this adorable pet costume made of teddy bears. You’re sure to receive plenty of love!

Dog and Owner Trading Places Costume

Here’s a quick and easy way to create the perfect dog-owner costume: simply exchange places! Your dog can wear the same outfit as you, and you’ll get an adorable pair of ears to sleep in for the night. What could be more fun? Dog wigs are available, and sure, we’ll be making use of them from now on.

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