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which of these is not a tool that you would need at the incident?

This is a common question and is crucial for students taking ICS 200. ICS 200. To understand the background here, it is necessary to talk about ICS. What is its history, as well as the ways it’s beneficial?

Which of these is NOT a tool that you would need at the incident? 

A. Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)
 B. Exercise Plan
C. Maps of the affected area
D. Agency Procedures Manual

The right answer is Option C. Exercise Plan.

The evacuation plan for the incident could be implemented by following the following steps:

  1. Maps of the area affected are essential to understand the cause of the accident. For instance, if a person is lost within the zone of landslides, then a map of the area can be useful.
  2. Agent Manuals for Procedures Manual is a manual or document outlining guidelines and rules an agency should follow when managing office and insurance transactions.
  3. The Emergency Operation Plan is a strategy or plan that explains how an individual’s property and assets are protected in the event of an emergency or disaster.


A fitness program isn’t effective, as you’re not exercising that is real. Other options are excellent sources to utilize since they provide valuable details.

EOP or Emergency Operations Plan or EOP

An EOP is required to be created for each period of operation. For instance, an EOP could be developed daily for every twelve hours. This is so important because each member of the field must be given clear instructions during that time. The Incident Commander can provide a written or verbal plan.

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