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why does my wifi keep disconnecting

Have you noticed that your Laptop has a problem with losing wifi connection? Or does Windows 10 wifi disconnect after it is updated with Windows update? There’s no reason to be alone. Many users report that Windows 10’s Internet disconnects randomly. It will disconnect and reconnect within a couple of seconds. Sometimes windows ten wifi is disconnected and doesn’t connect until you restart the system. You may have a question in the back of your mind: Why is my wifi constantly disconnecting? It could be due to a different reason, and in this post, we’ll attempt to figure out solutions to fix the Laptop’s internet connection issues on Windows 10.

What to Do When Your wifi Keeps Disconnecting

Although there are various causes for why your wifi connection isn’t working, you can solve many of them by yourself. Before diving into more complex solutions, check out these easy tests to ensure that your wifi is functioning within minutes.

Quick Checks

Make sure you have your router’s wifi setting on.

Check that you’re connecting to the proper wifi connection.

Make sure everything is connected to your router exactly how it should be.

Take a look at the indicators at your router. Determine the presence of any lights that are different from green. You can refer to your router manual to understand what each light signifies and the best way to fix any issues.

Place your phone closer to your router, especially in areas with much interference. You could also purchase a wifi range extender that can boost the strength of your wifi signal’s power.

Connect an Ethernet cable to your gadget, and then check whether the connection is stable. If it is, then the issue lies related to your wireless connection.

Make sure to check with your ISP to determine if there are any connectivity issues or service disruptions in your region.

Get rid of any electronic or other objects that may interfere with your router.

Your cables are defective.

Your Internet might drop when you have damaged old cables or damaged ones.

If you’re using a cable or DSL internet connection, you’ll require three different cables to connect your wireless gateway or modem to your connection. Also, you’ll require a second cable to connect an independent router to an independent modem.

For internet-to-home fiber, it is necessary to have an Ethernet cable to connect your wireless router to the optical network terminal (ONT)–Google refers to these devices as the Network Box and Fiber Jack. Other fiber services make use of any of the three cables described below.

Three common kinds of cables are used for the majority of home internet connections:

Coaxial cable connects a modem and a wireless router to your home’s TV cable.

Phone cable connects a modem or wireless gateway to a phone line connected to your home.

Ethernet cable – Connects an ONT or standalone modem to a separate router. Ethernet cables are also used to connect computers, gaming consoles, set-top boxes, and other devices to a wireless router or gateway.

If one or more aren’t functioning correctly, the entire network could be affected. It could be that your Internet isn’t working in any way or isn’t reliable, which can leave you feeling frustrated because the connection is constantly dropping out.

What can you do to fix it?

Check that all cables are securely put in place. Switch them to newer cables if they are available. They could be fairly inexpensive on Amazon.

Try changing your router’s AP band.

Instead of lingering around the router all day, switching the wifi frequency to 2.4GHz can help in many instances.

While the 5GHz band provides the fastest network speeds, its range is smaller than the conventional 2.4GHz band. Therefore, if you experience wifi disconnecting on Android, You can change your router’s settings to use a smaller band. It is possible to look into the settings of your router for this.

If you’re connected to the Mobile Hotspot shared from an Android device, Follow this guideline to modify the band of your AP.

Tap twice on the upper right to launch your Quick Settings.

Then, press the Hotspot tile.

Make the Hotspot settings.

Then tap AP Band and change it to 4GHz.

Make sure to save the settings for Hotspot, then connect your Android device to Hotspot to check the changes.

What is the reason my Internet constantly disconnects – could be reasons

“Why does my Internet continue to go out? Or ‘why is my internet constantly disconnected and even reconnecting’ isn’t an uncommon question asked by internet users, whether on their smartphones, tablets, or computers. I’ve encountered Internet users on the spectrum frequently asking why my spectrum internet does not work.

The following are the most common reasons to look into if you notice your Internet keeps disconnecting and reconnecting in random intervals:

1. Radio interference is affecting the wireless signal

2. The layer of dust in your PC’s dusty environment is causing excessive heat to chips, which can lead to an unintentional reset of the system.

3. The address for the default gateway has been changed abruptly by your ISP

4.’DNS tables’ must be flushed to update DNS records and name servers on your site;

5. The DHCP server is not properly handling the dynamic reassignment to your computer’s IP address;

6. Wireless interference

7. The router’s wireless is old and faulty and requires replacement. You might also be interested in: Spectrum Router blinking red

How long can routers last?

Answer: They will last longer if maintained in good working order. They could last up to five years if they’re used correctly.

What Can I Do To Prevent This In The Future?

Start by fixing the basics. Verify your wifi settings; the airplane setting is on or off. Try restarting your phone.

How Do I Find Out If It Has To Do With My Phone?

Try connecting with your wifi network using another device, Laptop, or phone; if the wifi is working, the problem probably lies with your mobile.

How can I tell whether my wifi is clogged?

Answer: The signs of overloaded wifi are evident, such as slow browsing speeds. The download speed is about 1kbps or less.

What should I do if my wifi stops often working in Windows 11?

While the new OS has been significantly upgraded, its foundation is still the same as Windows 10, and most features are there.

It means that all solutions listed here, except for solution 15, will also function perfectly in Windows 11.

We do have an in-depth guide to fixing wifi problems if it’s stopped functioning on Windows 11 that will offer specific solutions.

The solutions mentioned above should have solved the issue with wireless connections, and now, you should be able to connect to it.

We recommend that you also read the guide we have provided on what you should do if wifi isn’t working on your Laptop but your phone.

Please let us know via your feedback below if you are having issues. We’ll attempt to solve the issue together.

Final thoughts

If you find that your computer suffers from similar issues, please feel free to revisit our guide and attempt to fix the issue with other methods. If nothing is working, we suggest contacting Microsoft’s customer service team or seeking an IT specialist to assist you with your PC’s health.

Are you keen to know the more as you can regarding Windows 10? We have a special Help Center section and read details on everything to do with Microsoft’s revolutionary operating system.

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