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why my instagram is not working

Instagram, now owned by social media giant Facebook is working well for the most. Sometimes, however, it throws errors or gives users unexpected difficulties. Instagram users are complaining that the app is not loading for them. Others claim it is not loading properly or crashing.

Although these may seem like two problems, they are often the same solution. I have put them together in one handy guide.

Why Does Instagram Not Work

Distractify claims that Instagram accounts fail to refresh for many reasons. This can be frustrating, especially if your business is based on Instagram. Make sure you have stable internet access. If the signal is weak or not strong enough, Instagram may be unable to refresh.

If there are no problems with your internet connection, it could be software issues that could be yours or Instagram’s. It’s not difficult to discern the differences between them.

Best Methods to Fix Instagram Feed.

Is Instagram down

Next, check if Instagram’s servers are down. An indicator that servers may be down is the “5xx” error message or if your Instagram feed does not load.

A third-party tool like Down Detector, It’s Down Right Now!, or Outage Report will help you determine if Instagram is down. Enter your Instagram URL, and it will tell you if Instagram’s down with messages such as “Possible problems on Instagram” or “Problems on Instagram.”

For company updates and posts, you can check Instagram’s Twitter account or search Instagram on Twitter.

Instagram has global outages. There is nothing you can do but wait for its team.

Clear cache and data from Instagram

The third step involves clearing the cache and data. Facebook and Instagram have a lot to store data. They save the pages to cache, so they load quicker the next time you scroll. The accumulation of locally-stored cache could cause app problems. This is why we recommend clearing the cache locally before you try reinstalling it.

These are the steps to remove cache and data stored on Instagram.

Open Settings.
Check out these apps.
Choose Instagram from the drop-down menu.
Select Storage
Clear Cache
Clear Data and restart your device.

To check if Instagram isn’t loading, log in using another device.

Log in with another device. It’s not a fix, but it’s a way of detecting the problem with your account.

If none of the above options work, log into Instagram with another device. Or sign in to Instagram web. If you see the message “Instagram Not Loading,” there could be something wrong with your device or Instagram.

Stable Internet Connection –

You need to ensure you have reliable internet access. The Instagram app may be unable to connect to wifi networks if the mobile data speed is too slow.

So, check your internet speed. Check your router if you’re using wifi.

You might also try switching from mobile network tethering to wifi or mobile network tethering to wifi.

Temporary Disabled Instagram account

There is still a possibility that your account has some issues. You can try disabling your account for several days, then re-enabling it. This will give it another instance to work on and may resolve the problem. Remember that even though your account has been disabled, you cannot interact with it in any other way.

The search results will not show an account with disabled Instagram. You can also take action through Instagram’s website. As such, ensure the site is always up and running and that any problems are not restricted to the app.

How can I fix Instagram notifications?

First, make sure your notifications are not paused. Go to Profile > More (three lines), then Notifications. Check that Pause All isn’t activated. Here you can check for specific notifications: Posts, Stories, Comments, and Followers; Following and Subscribers; Messages or Calls; etc. Check to ensure they are active. Check your iOS and Android notification settings.

The Instagram Access Token is not working properly.

The plugin’s Settings page has a button that allows you to request a new Access Token.

Sometimes, the Connect button fails to produce an active access token. You might also want to try this link.

Your access token is invalid for the feed you are trying to display

From April 4th, 2018, only accounts with matching access tokens will be able to display user feeds.


These solutions will help you fix Instagram, resolve problems, and get the fun social media platform back in business. Are you an Instagram customer? Do you wonder, “Why doesn’t my Instagram work?”, “Why does my Instagram not load?” or “Why did my Instagram ever go down?”

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