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Why Won’t My TV Turn On?

A technical issue at the end of a TV’s lifespan is a given and Samsung’s TVs make not any exception. What should you take care of when the Samsung TV isn’t turning on?

What should you do if the Samsung TV won’t turn on? Reset your remote. Take the batteries out, press and hold the button to power your remote for fifteen seconds. After that, insert those batteries in. If the power button isn’t working you can reset the power on your TV. Remove it from wall outlets, then wait for one minute before plugging it back into. Unplug all cables, check them for any damage or dust, and then plug them back into.

Why Won’t My Onn TV Turn On?

The TV you don’t have isn’t turning on for a variety of reasons. The most frequent culprits are:

  • Poor cable connections – Issues with cables, worn-out and damaged cables within your Onn TV, can cause problems when trying to turn on your TV. In addition, before setting up your brand new television, be sure that you test the plug on the wall and ensure that all is working as it should.
  • Manufacturing flaws: If you find that your TV is defective in its manufacturing there is a good chance that it will not be able to start up as you would like it to.
  • Failure due to age-related fatigue is a no-brainer that with continued use, as time passes it is inevitable to encounter issues with your old television. In the same way, if you’ve utilized the Onn TV for a long time but it has stopped working or won’t startup, you might require a new television or get a professional to examine the issue. In addition, the breakdown of this brand could be expected because Onn TVs aren’t as high quality in comparison to other TV brands such as Samsung’s Smart TVs.

How to Troubleshoot LG TV Won’t Turn On

Here are the steps to resolve your LG TV won’t turn on problem. Follow the steps step by step to fix the problem.

Reseat all Connections

If your TV’s standby light isn’t coming up at all, likely, that your TV isn’t receiving power. Incorrect connections could result in the TV being unable to receive video or power input.

Remove, examine and then reconnect all cables connected to your television to ensure that your issue isn’t due to an insecure connection.

Check the Power Cable

The power cable could be damaged or perhaps not properly connected to the socket on your wall. Also, you have to examine the damaged cable and plug it into the socket on the wall. The first step is to determine whether any exposed wires are connected to the cable.

If you notice any wire that is exposed in the cable, you should have the cable replaced. It is better that you replace damaged cables with a new ones. If the cable isn’t damaged, verify that it’s connected to an outlet. If not, connect it with care.

Try a Soft Reset

A soft reset is a method to make a TV be turned on by experimenting with various button combinations. But, this technique is risky and should be used only as of the last option.

However, this method is not recommended as it can cause damage to the TV or additional problems.

Make sure you have a working remote

The standby lamp on the TV is lit up as expected, but the TV isn’t turning on, you may have the wrong remote. Try activating your TV by using the physical power buttons. It’s all dependent on the model. it may be in the back, side, or even at the bottom of your television.

If your television successfully comes on, your remote maybe not working properly.

You must reset the remote control by taking out the batteries.
After that, press the power button and keep it for approximately 10 to 15 seconds.
Once you have done this, replace the batteries and then try to power on your TV with the remote.

Check the Power.

The remote and the cords might be fine however the problem could be in the power socket itself. Try disconnecting the TV and then test your outlet by plugging in a lamp or other item into it, to verify the power source is working.

If it’s not the case look into whether the circuit breakers or fuse are damaged. Remove the TV from the outlet and reconnect it to an outlet that works.

After that, you must restart the TV. Sometimes, just detaching and resetting the power can be sufficient to restore the function that the Television has.

It Might Be a Blown Internal Fuse

The television is equipped with fuses on the internal circuits of your TV to protect you. A fuse that is blown will cut off the power. Removing a fuse typically requires removing the TV’s back. It’s a complicated and potentially hazardous job that is best done by a trained repairman for your TV.

Contact Support

If the steps to troubleshoot above have not produced any results The only alternative is to contact Samsung Customer Support and have an expert assist you with the repairs or have it picked up to be repaired, or even repair it under warranty, when appropriate.

If you purchased your television from a retail shop, you can reach out to the after-sales department to schedule a repair or replacement.

Final Thoughts

The TV isn’t turning on due to a lack of power for your smart television. It is, however, possible to fix the issue. The power cord might not be properly connected. Try unplugging and reconnecting your power cable.

The remote control might not function properly. You can try changing the batteries inside the remote control, or replacing your remote. If this doesn’t work, these steps won’t assist you to fix the issue. You can try fixing the smart television.

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