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your device isn’t compatible with this version

Do you want to download an application for your Android phone and are met with an error message about compatibility? You can access the information about the app within Google Play Store. Google Play Store, but the “Install” button is gone. Instead, it displays the ‘your device isn’t compatible with this version error. This isn’t the same as the problem of apps not installing on Android However; the error is that your phone is not compatible with the application.

Before we move on to solutions to troubleshooting, Let’s discuss compatibility with versions of Android and why sure developers may limit their offerings to just a few versions and the latest Versions.

What Does Incorrect Device Compatibility Mean? What is the reason my device isn’t compatible with specific applications?

Suppose you are notified that your device isn’t compatible with the latest version of Android. In that case, this means it’s not old enough to be able to run the latest version or does not meet the specifications for hardware or software required to run the latest Android version.

There is a chance that certain apps might also give you errors due to a lack of compatibility with your device. This usually happens when you upgrade the operating system you are using. If you get an error message, it indicates that your device isn’t compatible with the most recent Android version.

The error message will typically give you information on the cause of the issue, such as your operating system’s version, the screen size, or the RAM in the device.

Force Close Google Play Services and Relaunch

Sometimes, an issue in some of the Google Play Store services might result in the ‘Your device cannot be compatible with the version you are using message appearing on the Android device. To fix this issue, attempt to force the closing of Google Play services manually. Google Play services manually and, after that, relaunch it to install the desired app. Follow these steps to find a simple solution.

  1. Find it by selecting the Google Play Services app from the list of apps installed for your Android phone and tap it to set it up.
  2. Then, press the Force Stop button to close all active instances of the application on your device.
  3. Additionally, tap next to the Google Play Store app icon to relaunch the service. Verify if the compatibility issue is solved.

Check Your Phone for New Updates

Suppose you’ve got obsolete software or firmware on your Android device. In that case, you’re likely to experience the compatibility issue issue issue when you try to install installing apps in the Google Play Store. To resolve this issue, look over your phone for available updates and install them to download the applications from Google’s Play Store.

Clear Google Play Store’s Cache and Data

“Device not compatible with this Version The error message ‘Device isn’t Compatible with this Version’ could be caused by temporary files created through Google Play Store. If this happens on the device you’re using, an Android device, delete Google Play Store’s cache and storage data to fix the problem. Here’s how to complete the task:

Open settings on the Android device.
Search for App Management.
Scroll down to hit Google Play Store.
Click on Storage.
Click Clear Data or Clear Cache one by one.

Uninstall Google Play Services Updates

It would help to uninstall Google Play Services updates like Google Play Store. To uninstall Google Play Services, follow the steps below.

  1. The first step is to start the Android apps drawer.
  2. Then open settings and click on the ‘Apps’ tab.
  3. Then, you’ll see the list of installed applications. Then, it would help if you found Google Play Services. Google Play Services.
  4. You must now click on Uninstall Updates.

You’re done! This method removes updates from Google Play Store to fix the ‘Your device isn’t compatible with the app’ error message.

Root Your Phone

Another option you could use to solve your “your device isn’t compatible with this version” problem is to upgrade your phone’s operating system. However, most outdated telephones do not receive a lot of updates, which is why people usually opt to buy new phones. But if you’re looking to buy an entirely new Android device, you might want to consider making your current device rootable.

After you have rooted the Android device, it is possible to install custom ROMs and use the most current versions of the Android operating system (OS).

What can I do to repair my device that isn’t suitable for this particular version?

It’s an issue related to Google’s Android operating system. To resolve this “your device is not compatible with this version” error message, you can clear the cache in the Google Play Store cache and then the data. After that, reboot your Google Play Store and try installing the app once more.

How do I download an application that isn’t compatible with my phone?

Reboot your Android device. Connect to the VPN located in the correct country, then launch your Google Play app. The device should now appear in a different country, allowing users to download applications within the VPN’s region.


The “Your device isn’t compatible” error is a typical warning that most apps display that isn’t able to be downloaded for a specific mobile phone. It could be due to outdated software, a damaged Google Play cache, developer-initiated restrictions, or an ineffective Google Play update. The four options that were mentioned earlier will likely fix the problem. If none of the solutions are working, then the next step is to use the repair tools of a third party for Android.

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