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Why Is A Raven Like A Writing Desk

In reality, the Riddle was intended to be absurd. According to the author, Lewis Carroll, he did not plan for an honest answer to the question, “why do ravens look compared to the Writing desk?” The entire point of the Riddle is it is not a solution, even though many came up with imaginative theories of the puzzle.

When Alice stated she couldn’t solve it, Mad Hatter admitted that the puzzle wasn’t solved. He said, “I haven’t the slightest thought!”

Alice looked at Mad Hatter’s answer, and she said, “I think you might have something more productive to do with your time instead of wasting it on questions which have no answer.”

The Mad Hatter responded, “If you understood Time like that I do, there’s no reason to even talk about how you’ve wasted it. It’s him.”

Lewis Carroll’s solution

In his preface to the edition in 1896 of Alice in Wonderland, Carroll feels that he has to answer:

“Enquiries have been so frequently directed to me, about whether or not any solutions to the Riddle of the Hatter are possible to imagine, that I’d like to provide here what I think is the most appropriate response which is: “Because it can produce some notes, but they’re very flat, and it’s never placed in the wrong direction. the front!’ This is, however, just an extra thought that the Riddle that was initially conceived did not have an answer in any way.”

The solution to the most famous and infamous fantasy riddle is unanswerable.

What the answer is in large part yours to decide. Many people try to think up absurd solutions for the query, thereby turning the baffling question back on itself. The only way to admit that you do not have an idea is the standard answer, as provided in the original text. You should, however, not let tradition determine the solution since it would ruin all the enjoyment.

I’m sure that your legs are hurting from the numerous slaps you received after reading the line. In the beginning, it was intended to be more fun than the other. Carroll wrote ‘never”‘ as ‘never which is pronounced backwards as ‘raven’ However, proofreaders erased the inverted pun before the word was published.

Carroll’s answer wasn’t as popular as the question he asked. Many have tried to come to their solutions to the infamous Riddle, and I’ll try my hand at the question. “Why do ravens look like the writing desk? Because neither of them is seen with caws.

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